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Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai - Coming Soon in UAE
Bur Dubai - Coming Soon in UAE
Bur Dubai is a district of Dubai.

Bur Dubai is one of the older districts of Dubai, known for its historical areas, authentic traditional souq, as well as relatively affordable hotels and real estate.

Bur Dubai is considered to be the historical center of Dubai, but not in terms of its geography. It is now located in the eastern part of the city, on the west bank of the Dubai Creek Canal. The name “Bur Dubai” is translated from Arabic as “the main land of Dubai”. In the pre-oil discovery era of the history of UAE, it was here that the city center was, and on the site of Jumeirah there were fishing villages, while on the site of Downtown Dubai there was a wasteland.

The old Al-Fahidi Fort still stands in Bur Dubai, from where the sheikhs ruled the emirate until 1971. All the houses of the sheikhs, as well as wealthy citizens, have well survived time, thanks to careful preservation measures by local authorities. All these buildings have now become museums.

There is also the Great Mosque, considered to be the main mosque of Dubai.

Despite being relatively far from newer and more modern areas of Dubai, Bur Dubai still acts as its administrative center, where many government departments, courts, the administration of the emirate, as well as consulates of foreign states are located. In its present form, Bur Dubai is a complex combination of historical constructions and many newer buildings, shopping and entertainment centers and grand-scale markets. In addition, there are many tourist attractions here.

The area is very comfortable to live in. The main advantage is convenient transportation. Both metro lines run through Bur Dubai, and almost all hotels and residential developments are within a 10-minute walk of metro stations. Residents of the area can get to the desired place quickly and comfortably.

In general, this is a calm place with a well-developed infrastructure, which is suitable for both permanent residence and measured rest.

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