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Nestling in the heart of Dubai is a saltwater creek called Dubai Creek.

The creek separates two of the major districts within Dubai: Deira and Bur Dubai. This saltwater inlet has become popular among many commercial and residential activities over the years. Still one of the leading tourist destinations in the city, these Dubai Creek facts will certainly entertain history buffs and those with a love for all things retro. Here are some fun facts about Dubai Creek.


Historical Facts about Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek was a means to trade gold, spices, and fresh catches with other parts along the Arabian Gulf such as Africa, India. The Creek was split in the 1950s to form a small canal to allow easier modes of trade. Early, the creek did not have any form of water circulation. The sea would just flow abruptly ending at the Ras Al Khor sanctuary. The very first people to settle down there, also known as the Baniyas tribe are some of the early ancestors of the current rulers of Dubai.

Fishing, also an important industry at the time, was also based along the creek, whose warm and shallow waters supported a wide variety of marine life. 1955 was the year when the creek was dredged deeper and wider since large vessels could not enter the creek.

old Dubai creek

Afterward, a 500 tonnes ship could anchor at Dubai Creek which contributed to the surge in trade around that time. The first bridge in Dubai, Maktoum Bridge was constructed in 1963 over the creek to connect Deira and Bur Dubai. This Dubai Creek Bridge prevented travelers from embarking on a long waterway journey to reach land.


The importance of Dubai Creek

Both sides of Dubai Creek are surrounded by old-style markets, heritage buildings, and museums. There are traditional style wooden dhows, bustling souks, and wind towers called Barjeels that define the traditional life of the Emiratis. One can also find old-style markets or the famous souks of Dubai, where gold jewelry, spices, perfumes, and leather goods were first introduced in the 1950s. You can immerse in the pleasant smell of perfumes and spices from across the creek which also attracts tourists.

dubai gold souk


Things to do at Dubai Creek

Test your bargaining skills for perfumes, jewelry, and Arabian coffee. You can also come across textile souqs to browse the fabrics. At nights these souqs are lit by traditional lamps that enhance the ambiance of the area. If you want to experience on-water dining in Dubai, this town is one of the best places. There is a platform restaurant just above the water at the Dubai Creek Golf Club to savor food while sightseeing. You can also have a fine-dining experience at a floating restaurant with a glass roof at Bateaux Dubai. Take a tour around the creek on the abra.

dubai creek abra


How to get to Dubai Creek?

Dubai Creek is 15 minutes’ drive crossing Al Garhoud Bridge that connects Bur Dubai and the Deira area. There are also the Al Maktoum Bridge and Business Bay Bridge that connect both the areas. There are buses, metros, and ferries to reach Dubai Creek from Deira.

Conclusively, a new project consisting of seven islands known as Dubai Creek Harbour was proposed to be built on Dubai Creek. The centerpiece of this project would be the Dubai Creek Tower, which is set to become the tallest building in the world. Three additional bridges are being planned for Dubai Creek, which are the Seventh Crossing, the Al Shindagha Bridge, and the Fifth Bridge.


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