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What to do in Dubai during Expo 2020, aside from Expo 2020

What to do in Dubai during Expo 2020, aside from Expo 2020 - Coming Soon in UAE
20 September 2021
25 minutes to read

Expo 2020 is set to be an event of a truly extraordinary scale. This highly anticipated exhibition will feature the latest achievements in the field of science, architecture, art, and technology.

A total number of 113 countries are invited to participate, and all of them will present their best developments over the last 5 years. 191 pavilions have been built for the delegations, and there will be more than 200 to accommodate also partners and organizers. Every day, exhibitors and viewers of the exhibition will be able to witness more than 60 performances and relax and enjoy international and local cuisine in more than 200 restaurants.



Expo 2020 was supposed to take place in the year 2020 from October 20 to April 10. But long before October, the whole world was covered with the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries around the world closed their borders and introduced lockdowns one after another, so eventually, Expo 2020 was postponed, along with all other events globally. Now, with over the year passed, as the situation has stabilized noticeably, Expo 2020 will finally take place in Dubai from October 1 to March 31, 2021.

The Dubai authorities are well aware that the COVID-19 has not gone anywhere, so the event will take unprecedented measures to protect the health of participants, spectators, and organizers. Only vaccinated people or those who have a PCR test no older than 72 hours will be admitted. At the same time, having a ticket or a subscription to the exhibition allows you to do the test for free, a list of vaccination points has already been posted on the official website of Expo 2020.


expo 2020 dubai, expo 2020 exterior, expo 2020 at night


Expo 2020 is definitely a grand event that will attract great attention. But this does not mean that other places and events worth visiting will disappear in Dubai. We have collected for you top of other places and entertainment that you can attend at the same time. For convenience, we have divided them into several categories, so that it will not be difficult to find something special for you.




Tourist Destinations

Burj Khalifa & Downtown Dubai

We call it the world of the future. A huge amount of skyscrapers, including the tallest world-famous Burj Khalifa, attracts millions of people all over the world. Burj Khalifa has its own outdoor observation deck, so tourists may enjoy the excellent work of engineers and landscape designers. Read more about the Downtown Dubai district.

Dubai Frame

An incredible combination of concrete, glass, and metal has given the world a stunning hotel located in Zabeel Park. The building is oriented in such a way that on one side of the observation deck, visitors will see a young and progressive Dubai, and on the other side are the old parts of the city, which deserve no less attention. Find more about Dubai Frame.

Old Town

The heart of Dubai, retaining the roots and essence of the culture of the locals. In this place, you can go back 300 years and see unspoiled Arabia. Read more about Historic Bastakiya.


Gold Souk

If you are looking for jewelry made of precious metals, then this place is perfect for you. On the central streets, Dubai Gold Souk has goods made of gold, platinum, or diamonds, while silver items are hidden in small streets.

Dubai Spice Souk

If you are not interested in trinkets, you can appreciate the other riches of Dubai at the Spice Souk. And we are talking about spices and teas. Enjoy their enchanting scent, and if you’re lucky, the vendors can share with you a couple of ideas for spice applications and tea brewing methods.


inside Mall of the Emirates, MOE, shops and stores at Mall of the Emirates Dubai, Dubai shopping


The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is located close to other places of interest and will perfectly fit into your cultural program. You can appreciate the size of the building and the number of outlets, wander around the shops in search of a pleasant little thing, or grab a snack after a busy day.

Mall of the Emirates

If you are an avid adherent of shopping or window-gazing, then you simply must visit this place. This multi-level giant, Mall of the Emirates, has gathered more than 600 stores from all over the world, including prestigious brands recognized all over the world. More than 100 cafes and restaurants will help you support your strength.

Dubai Outlet Mall

Of all the shopping centers, Dubai Outlet Mall can perhaps be called the most family-friendly: there are goods for any family member. Well-known brands and ordinary household goods coexist here, and retailers often arrange promotions and offer discounts.


Relax by the beach

La Mer

This beach combines natural landscapes and developed infrastructure. La Mer is ideal for people who want to relax without any adventures. The place is located close to shopping centers, so you can always grab something to eat on your way to the sea.

Kite Beach

This beach is suitable for both lovers of tranquility and extreme lovers who love to play with the water element. The intelligentsia will find a library at Kite Beach, and some fun events are often organized for the youngest guests.

Al Mamzar Beach

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai, washed by the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and there is a park nearby, which has everything for sports, beach, and family holidays. The entire area is densely populated with exotic plants, bright flower beds, and lawns. There is a swimming pool and entertainment complex nearby. See more public beaches here.


Ain Dubai, the world's highest observation wheel, Dubai


Climb high

The Pointe & The View at The Palm

The famous Palm Jumeirah is known not only as a grandiose engineering project, but also as a place with a huge number of restaurants, shops, and attractions. And from the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower, you can see the artificial palm tree not only on the map but also in life.

Bluewaters Island & Ain Dubai

Bluewaters Island is a place for the whole family that will allow you to immerse yourself in life on the shore with a fun city vibe and many indoor and outdoor activities. And from October 21st, you can examine yourself at the world’s highest observation wheel – Ain Dubai.

Flying Cup

Flying Cup Dubai invites guests to admire the views of Dubai from a height of 40 meters and even have a snack in a small group. As you move, the bowl smoothly rotates, so you can see The Beach promenade in the JBR area, the Ain Dubai observation wheel, and the man-made island Palm Jumeirah.



Wild adventures

Deep Dive Dubai

The entrance to the deepest pool in the world is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced diver – only your love of extreme matters here. Other worlds exist, and one of them can be accessed by plunging into the pool Deep Dive Dubai.

Skydive Dubai

You can look at the Palm Jumeirah not only from the window of a skyscraper but also from a bird’s eye view. To do this, you just need to jump with a parachute. You can jump with a trainer, and if you have a license, make a solo jump. All of this is provided by Skydive Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari & Sandboarding

Dubai is not only a modern metropolis but also kilometers of uninhabited desert. However, you can meet other tourists there, walking on camels or enjoying stunning sunsets. And if you want something different, you can practice sandboarding. Learn more about Desert Adventures in Dubai.



Have fun at Waterparks!

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure is a world of water fun and excitement. Feel the adrenaline rush on over 30 water slides and attractions, slide down Dubai’s longest laziest river and relax on a 500-meter private beach.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

A compact water park with entertainment for both children and adults. Slides of different types will give you a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions, and cafes and fast food will allow you to spend the whole day in the water park.

Laguna Waterpark

In addition to the standard slides, there is a surf simulator on which you can get your adrenaline rush without endangering your life and health. Experienced instructors will help you catch the wave, and then you can relax and drift away with the flow of the slide. And food and drinks are included in the price of the visit.


Dubai Miracle Garden, a garden full of flowers and flower houses

More tourist attractions

Dubai Miracle Garden

If you love flowers and green spaces, then this place is created especially for you. Dubai Miracle Garden will welcome visitors back again starting from November 2021. Here, fresh flowers from all over the world are collected. An amazing fact: even at the beginning of the millennium, there was nothing in this place, the desert prevailed here.

Global Village

Arriving in Dubai, you can see the whole world. Don’t believe us? Then go to the Global Village and feel the unity of all world cultures in one place. Here you will find many attractions and exhibitions, as well as you can visit national shops. The upcoming season of Global Village’s next opening is going to take place from October 26th.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Located on the border of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this amusement park includes Motiongate, Bollywood Parks, and Legoland, which offer an endless variety of themed entertainment for children and adults alike. Find more about Dubai Parks and Resorts here.



Explore Underwater World

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

A shopping mall or underwater zoo? In our case, this is the same place. Spend some time in the aquarium with extraordinary facts about marine life and see them in all their glory.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The unique programs of the aquarium introduce the wonderful world of marine animals and the peculiarities of caring for them. We strive to strengthen the link between civilization and wildlife and to promote the expansion of conservation activities.


Al Khawaneej Walk, Dubai

Have a walk

Al Khawaneej Walk

At this location, the architecture is inspired by the aesthetics of an agricultural greenhouse, combining rustic and contemporary design elements to offer visitors a contemporary space that pays homage to local culture. The mall has both indoor and outdoor spaces where lovers can leave a castle with their names on the Bridge of Promise across the lake. Find more about Al Khawaneej Walk here.

Dubai Canal

An incredibly picturesque canal, through which 5 pedestrian bridges are thrown, each of its own design. Three of these bridges connect both sides of the canal and are ideal for a leisurely stroll. The second bridge over Dubai Water Canal has a concrete slope, which makes it convenient for cyclists.

Deira, Souk Al Marfa

Souk Al Marfa, a waterfront wholesale bazaar and market in the Deira Islands, features a variety of shops, stretching 1.9 km along the waterfront. Souk Al Marfa brings together a local and international manufacturer in the form of small kiosks, retail stores, and showrooms. Here you will find a product for every taste: from food to household appliances. Tourists would also love to have a closer look at Deira Corniche – a New Face of the Old Dubai.


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