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About Us

About Us - Coming Soon in UAE

Coming Soon in UAE is an entertainment portal for both residents and tourists.

There are not so many destinations in the modern world that everybody wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. The United Arab Emirates, a country merged on the coastline of the Arabian Gulf not so long ago, is among these destinations. Its magical landscape, luxury hotels and grandiose malls, culture, hospitality, traditions and economic potential attract tourists and investors from every part of the world.

The UAE is a country with a fascinating pace of life, with something exciting happening every day. Concerts, festivals and attractions are ongoing here throughout the whole year, having something to offer for every age, taste and background. From glamorous nightlife events with the most famous world celebrities to large-scale heritage festivals, The United Arab Emirates will always have something to offer.

The COVID-19 pandemic of the first half of 2020, of course, made its negative impact on the UAE events schedule, even forcing the most-anticipated EXPO-2020 to be postponed for a year. But with the wise guidance of the government authorities and smart use of the latest technologies, UAE was among the first nations to recover, and emerged even stronger. Now, the plans for the future became even bigger, with more planned events, projects and attractions to come.

Coming Soon in UAE, an online entertainment portal, is targeted to catch this spirit. Here, both residents and guests will be able to find a lot of useful information about the culture of UAE, places to visit (both natural and human-made) and, of course, about all of the events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates that will be held in the near (and not-so-near) future. In the diverse world of fascinating events taking place in the UAE, we work hard to be your beacon.

In the Events section users can find information about all upcoming events in UAE of various categories – concerts, exhibitions, music or social festivals, and more. We are trying to cover all the cultural and entertainment events in UAE, as well as sports, shopping, educational, cultural and religious events. We also write about construction projects and sometimes – major government announcements.

Users can also check out what is happening in different regions of the UAE today, or in the nearest weekends. A handy happy-hours filter will show, which venues offer better prices for their drinks in the exact time period, and which are the most conveniently located.

Are you looking for a nightclub for a party, a sports pub to meet with friends, a shopping mall, a family venue to go visit with a child, or a place for a beach holiday? You can find it all in our Venues list, check its timings, photos, see other users ratings of this venue, and check out the upcoming events which will take place there.

Or maybe you are looking for the right hotel to spend your vacation, see it’s amenities and venues? It all can be done in our Hotels section, along with convenient filtering and search.

Navigating on Coming Soon in UAE is easy and fun. We have developed a smart access to all the information users will ever need. Convenient lists filtering shrinks down the time required to search for an event, a venue or a hotel, and receive the maximum amount of useful information.

In order for our visitors to choose events which will fit their tastes, we invite you to Sign Up on the portal. This will give them a ton of additional features, like event reminders, events preferences for better listing, and so on.


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