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About Us

About Us - Coming Soon in UAE

Coming Soon in UAE: Your Ultimate Entertainment Portal

Coming Soon in UAE is your go-to entertainment portal for both residents and tourists. Whether you’re looking to explore the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, or thrilling events of the United Arab Emirates, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the Magic of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of those rare destinations that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in their lifetime. This country, nestled on the coastline of the Arabian Gulf, is renowned for its magical desert, mountain and seashore landscapes, luxury hotels, grandiose shopping malls, rich culture, and unparalleled hospitality. The UAE attracts tourists and investors from around the world with its unique blend of tradition and modernity.

A Hub of Excitement

The UAE is a country with a fascinating pace of life, where something exciting happens every day. Year-round, you’ll find concerts, festivals, and attractions catering to every age, taste, and background. From glamorous nightlife events featuring world-famous celebrities to large-scale heritage festivals, the UAE always has something to offer.

Coming Soon in UAE captures this spirit by providing both residents and guests with valuable information about the UAE’s culture, must-visit places, and upcoming events across all Emirates. Whether you’re interested in concerts, exhibitions, music festivals, social festivals, sports, shopping, educational, cultural, or religious events, we’ve got it all covered.

Our Events section is your comprehensive guide to all upcoming events in the UAE. We cover a wide range of categories, ensuring you never miss out on any exciting happenings. From cultural and entertainment events to major construction projects and government announcements, we aim to be your ultimate resource.

Regional Highlights and Happy Hours

Want to know what’s happening in different regions of the UAE today or over the weekend? Our platform offers a handy happy-hours filter, showing you which venues offer the best prices for drinks and are conveniently located.

Explore Venues and Hotels

Looking for the perfect nightclub, sports pub, shopping mall, family-friendly venue, or beach holiday spot? Our Venues list provides all the details you need, including timings, photos, user ratings, and upcoming events.

Or perhaps you are planning a vacation (or staycation) in UAE and need the right hotel? Our Hotels section allows you to explore amenities, venues, and more with convenient filtering and search options.

Easy and Fun Navigation

Navigating Coming Soon in UAE is easy and fun. We’ve developed smart access to all the information you need, with convenient list filtering to reduce search time and provide maximum useful information.

Sign Up for Personalized Features

To make the most of our portal, we invite you to Sign Up. As a registered user, you’ll gain access to additional features like event reminders, personalized event preferences, and more.

COVID-19 and the UAE’s Resilient Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 significantly impacted the UAE’s event schedule, even postponing the highly anticipated EXPO 2020 for a whole year. However, under the wise guidance of government authorities and the smart use of the latest technologies, the UAE was one of the first nations to recover and emerge even stronger, improving everyday life of its residents in many ways, like multiple convenient delivery services, Work From Home strategies, clean initiatives, and more.

Today, UAE is as strong as ever, with big plans for the future years, more events, projects, and attractions on the horizon.