Expo 2020 in Dubai | Coming Soon in UAE

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In 2021, Dubai became the focus of the world’s attention as it hosts the worldwide Expo 2020.

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

– The defining theme of Expo 2020, which means the humankind’s potential to explore new ideas together. The event welcomes participants from nearly 200 countries. A circle made up of petals — Expo 2020’s logo — which represents the participants’ collective effort in striving to achieve mankind’s common goals.


The exhibition covers an area of 4.38 square kilometers between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To make it possible, a large area of the desert was replaced with a system of magnificent buildings. A structure called Al Wasl (“the connection”) occupies the central spot in the Expo’s area. Numerous spacious pavilions were built around the structure, each reflecting a separate theme. The grand dome measures 3,000 square meters in area and is one of the world’s biggest stores.

Expo 2020 also houses one of the first free 5G mobile networks available for all visitors.


EXPO 2020

Organizers have decided to divide Expo 2020 site into three themes — Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity — each letting the participants feature their unique projects. Anyone can take part in topic-based events, acquire new information, and talk to enthusiasts from around the globe. On top of that, the participating projects have a chance to get extra financing and a head start to develop.

All pavilions have been designed on the principles of environment-friendly architecture. About 50% of the power supply comes from solar batteries. Furthermore, temporary structures are made out of recyclable materials.

UAE authorities expect the show to result in meaningful achievements for the nation’s economy and international prestige. Between 25 million and 100 million guests are expected to visit the country during Expo 2020, by various estimates. Economists anticipate an influx of $40 billion in additional financing and the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs as a result of the show. Expo 2020 is also seen to boost construction nationwide.


Dubai won the right to host the event after a vote at the 2013 general assembly of the Paris-based International Exhibitions Bureau. Cities like Ayutthaya (Thailand), Izmir (Turkey), Yekaterinburg (Russia), and Sao Paulo (Brazil) all took part in the vote. Dubai won the three-stage selection process by a landslide.

This event is not the first of its kind. Similar exhibitions took place in 1967 in Montreal (under the theme “Man and His World”), in 1988 in Brisbane (“Leisure in the Age of Technology”), and in 1992 in Seville (“The Age of Discovery”).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Expo 2020 was postponed by 1 year. It now runs from October 1, 2021, up until March 31, 2022. The Expo 2020 runs under the major slogan of seeking out and presenting various innovative and creative solutions pioneered by companies and entrepreneurs the world over. The Expo 2020 also showcases the ways these solutions will aid mankind as it makes technological and economic progress.

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Expo City Dubai - Coming Soon in UAE
Expo City Dubai - Coming Soon in UAE
Expo City Dubai
Expo City Dubai (formerly Expo 2020) is a large complex and a notable landmark located at Dubai Investments Park.
Dubai Dubai Exhibition Centre, Dubai Investments Park

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