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All those interested in parachuting heard about Skydive Dubai at least once. And many people around the world have a dream — to make a jump on Palm Jumeirah Island.

The company was founded by H.E. Nasser Al Neyadi. At first, all were limited to one helicopter and a wind tunnel. Skydive Dubai brand was born in 2010 after Dubai hosted its first international parachuting championship. Today thousands of people from many countries use Skydive Dubai’s services.

The company provides a range of services. First of all, it is outdoor skydiving — tandem with instructor or solo jump (of course, only if you have a license). Newbies and professionals can select between two locations.


Skydive Dubai

The Palm Dropzone

The first location is a premium Palm Drop Zone (or The Palm DZ) with the unique opportunity to enjoy great views of Dubai from a height of almost 4 km. You will see not only on the Palm Jumeirah Island (one of the main attractions of the city) but The World Islands, Dubai Marina district, the world’s largest Ferris wheel Ain Dubai and Burj Al Arab. Here you can go for a tandem jump, or, if you are already an experienced skydiver – go for a solo jump.

After you finished jumping, you can enjoy a couple of reward drinks in a nearby beach club – Zero Gravity, which is a popular gathering place among both skydivers, residents, and tourists.



The Desert Dropzone

The second skydiving location is a dropzone and a parachuting school in the Desert Campus, located outside Dubai, in the desert. Here you can become a professional skydiver or make a solo jump at a lower cost, but with no less impressive views of UAE desert dunes.

The services of Skydive Dubai also includes indoor skydive (the simulation of free-fall conditions in a wind tunnel) and flying on specially designed lightest flying vehicles — paramotors and gyrocopters. The first will allow you to feel the free-fall conditions without the jump. And the second will allow enjoying the magnificent views of Dubai or the desert from a height.


Skydiving is a popular sport for the brave and the bold, and a lifetime experience. And UAE is a popular destination for Skydivers during the winter months when other dropzones are closed around the world.

By the way, the sky is not the only destination that can be conquered in the UAE, as the depths of the sea are another. At your service are numerous facilities that will help you to learn diving and freediving in the waters of the Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

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Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone - Coming Soon in UAE Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone
Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone is a unique experience for extreme lovers.

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