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Desert Adventures in Dubai

Desert Adventures in Dubai - Coming Soon in UAE
28 January 2021
10 minutes to read

In the city where everything constantly changes, going to the desert also means to return to the inception. Pure nature, camel rides, lonely flowers lost in the red dunes and overwhelming sunsets are only some of the various activities to enjoy during your journey in the Dubai desert.

Whether you are a traveler that loves nature or an urban passionate, been immersed in this adventure is a must!


When is the best time to go to the Dubai desert?

There are some points to consider ahead. Firstly, the weather. Of course, the best months to plan outdoor activities initiate in October and finish in February. But it’s important to check if the chosen day will be foggy or will happen a sandstorm. Secondly, it’s easy to get lost in the Dubai desert. Therefore, it’s strongly not recommended to go alone. Always select a well-ranked company to take care of all details, and the fun will be guaranteed. Thirdly, dress accordingly, and bear in mind that your shoes will end up covered by sand.


Dubai Desert Safari

Either morning or evening could be the right decision. It will depend on each traveler preferences’ and the program of the tour. Usually, they offer local delicacies such as datils, Arabic coffee or tea, fabulous luqaimats, and, last but not least, shisha! All of these in a perfect traditional set up that will be waiting for you. Nevertheless, if you can’t decide between the sunrise and the sunset, it’s feasible to reach both of them. The solution is to stay overnight in the UAE desert in a carefully arranged camp with a typical breakfast.


Things to do in the desert of Dubai

If you are looking forward to living a 4×4 activity, the day will start with an active route through the golden dunes. These vehicles are fully equipped to take tourists safe and sound into a high-speed dune bashing -with some jumps included! Hold on tight and listen to the Arabic sounds that the driver will play to achieve a perfect atmosphere. Remember to avoid eating right before beginning the trip to have a pleasant drive without any issue on the way.

Dubai Desert Sandboarding

However, there is also the possibility of driving a buggy, motocross, quad bike or squad in the desert. Thus, an experienced guide will be in charge of explaining some techniques and how to apply them. It will be more helpful if you have some background, but everybody can learn to handle their first steps!

After having a short walk around, you should try sandboarding from the pick of the dunes. Similar to snowboarding or surfing, this funny activity will help you to demonstrate your balancing skills. Or the lack of them. Who knows!


Activities to relax in the Dubai desert

Once reached the sand, there will be an infinite and desolate wilderness wherever you look. It’s time to take a deep breathe and capture one panoramic view of all the surrounding beauty. Keep the moment in your memory with some photo-shooting in the desert. Don’t forget to clean the smartphone lens’ before getting a picture because the dust could make it look blurry.

Photoshoot in Dubai Desert

By the ending of the day, you can have a close encounter with the camels, important heritage of the Emirati culture. These kind creatures will give you a ride in the most purely native way, long before the skyscrapers were established! Don’t forget to be respectful with them and ensure your soon coming back. They will be waiting for you.

Many other exciting activities in the Dubai desert


By Isabella Marinelli.

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