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Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi City

Abu Dhabi City - Coming Soon in UAE
Abu Dhabi City - Coming Soon in UAE
Abu Dhabi City is a district of Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi City is the heart of the greater Abu Dhabi Metropolitan Area, and in many ways – the heart of all the UAE.

Abu Dhabi City is an urban area where buildings of traditional historical architecture and huge recently built skyscrapers coexist together.

The area of ​​the City is of historical value for the Emirates and, in principle, for the whole world. Some buildings are being restored and preserved as historical heritage. At the same time, business centers are crowded in the densely built-up area in the district. They are located right on the city embankment. It looks very nice and stretches along the coast for 8 km. The embankment has equipped playgrounds, separate paths for pedestrians and cycling walks. You can have a snack in one of the cozy cafes or restaurants.

This area combines the usual romantic atmosphere of the East and the frantic rhythm of the city and business centers.

Abu Dhabi City offers a variety of hotels that are happy to meet guests from all around the world. Many of these hotels are located just minutes away from the iconic Abu Dhabi Corniche with long beautiful beach, fountains, playgrounds and restaurants. Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet family vacation with the opportunity to walk around the city at any time and feel its energy, then you should definitely stay here.

Of course there are shopping malls and small shops where you can buy everything you need. There are also cafes and restaurants with local cuisine where you can dine and relax. The transport system here is also well established, so getting to any other area of ​​the city will not be difficult.

In general, this area is very beautiful and picturesque, it is a must-see here.

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