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Qasr al-Hosn

Qasr al-Hosn - List of venues and places in Abu Dhabi
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The Qasr al-Hosn is the oldest stone building in Abu Dhabi and an important historical landmark.

Also known as the White Fort, Qasr al-Hosn was constructed back in the 1761 as a watchtower, the first permanent building in the Abu Dhabi island. Its sole purpose back then was to defend the only freshwater well in the island, but some time later, it was expanded into a fort and became a permanent residence of the ruling family and a seat of the government up until 1966.

Qasr al-Hosn

Qasr Al Hosn comprises of two major buildings: the original Inner Fort, constructed in 1795, and the Outer Palace, which was completed in 1945. Today, it is partially open for the public, being the subject of significant historical importance, standing as as the nation’s living memorial and the narrator of Abu Dhabi’s history. It is also a place to host a number of annual cultural events, a museum, art gallery, artisan exhibition, and other events showing the culture and heritage of the UAE.




 Passed Events in Qasr al-Hosn