Saadiyat Island | Coming Soon in UAE

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Abu Dhabi:

Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island - Coming Soon in UAE
Saadiyat Island - Coming Soon in UAE
Saadiyat Island is a district of Abu Dhabi.

The artificial island of Saadiyat is a heavenly place with all the necessary conditions for rest and leisure.

There are several parks and cultural areas, a great beach, and a huge selection of accommodations. The island is divided into 7 large areas – all of them are curious and noteworthy in their own way.

What to see in Saadiyat Island

Cultural District Calchel – the area where the main local attractions – the Museum of Abstract Art, National Museum. And also there is Zayed and the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum complex.

The more popular area is Saadiyat Beach, with a 9-kilometer beach area with all amenities, a golf club right on the seafront and the Monte Carlo Beach Club Saadiyat with private cottages, baths, saunas, swimming pools and fitness centers. Luxury hotels also welcome guests here.

The Saadiyat Marina region is the abode of the inhabitants of the island.

Saadiyat Retreat and Saadiyat Reserve are ecotourism centers where the country’s authorities are creating state-of-the-art infrastructure, golf courses and dozens of premium villas. Fresh air and sea freshness will delight tourists at Saadiyat Promenade – a coastal area designed similar to the beach city of Daytona Beach in Florida, USA.


And the last in this seven is Saadiyat Laguns, covering the main local lagoon. This area is ideal for families. You can spend time in the amphitheater, where performances and show programs are held right in the open air, and the Equestrian Center, which offers not only to look at first-class horses, but also to learn how to ride a horse. And thanks to the local respect for the environment, everyone who prefers spending time in the wild will like a visit here.


This island has everything – quiet family vacations and areas for activity and entertainment, hotels, villas, museums, stunning beaches. Here you will definitely be able to relax versatile and not bored.

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