Al Maryah Island | Coming Soon in UAE

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Abu Dhabi:

Al Maryah Island

Unlike other islands in Abu Dhabi, Al Mariah is a natural island. Previously, it was called Sowwah, located northeast of the capital of the UAE.

The authorities are planning to make a new city center from Al Maryah Island. High-rise buildings and skyscrapers are under construction, infrastructure is being developed. The island is gradually developing, there are many more interesting places, and the flow of tourists is also increasing, but so far there are not so many of them as in other parts of Abu Dhabi.

There is a number of shopping malls, cafes and restaurants in the area. The island is suitable for living and family holidays.

Also, there is still a special colorful architecture. It is in it that the special highlight of this place lies. Try to take Middle-Eastern themed photos in the area, they will turn out perfect.

The island is not re-equipped with attractions, which means that if you find yourself there soon, you will be able to see it partially untouched by new technologies and buildings. Here you can feel the real spirit of the old city.

Al Maryah Island should not be ignored due to the small number of famous sites. You should definitely come here at least for a day to enjoy the streets and beaches without crowds of tourists and its atmosphere.