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Dubai is famous at delivering the best experience in everything and food is no exception. It is rich with fine dining places and here is a small list of the best ones in 2018.

10. COYA Dubai

COYA Dubai is a restaurant that combines the Incan old culture and modern Peruvian cuisine in one place. Two years after the opening of the original COYA restaurant in Mayfair, London in 2012, this world known brand travelled to Dubai by a popular demand and opened its doors for hungry gourmands and guests on the 16th of December. This dynamic and “alive” restaurant will meet you with unique décor, entertainment, music, art and grants you experience in Peruvian cuisine and culture. It will offer you seven types of menu including especial menu.

9. Hakkasan Dubai

Hakkasan Dubai is a distinguished restaurant that gives an opportunity to try contemporary interpretation of Cantonese cuisine. This establishment was founded in London in 2001 and since then this brand has become global. Hakkasan Dubai is located in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road in Trade Center Area. The restaurant welcomes you with lush greenery and rustic wooden pavilions. It has a 88-seat terrace and in addition can accommodate 152 guests inside, near beautiful lounge. The dinner menu will offer you individually served small foods, soups, main courses and choice of desert and other diverse dishes.

8. La Petite Maison Dubai

This restaurant of French cuisine is situated in Gate Village, Dubai International Financial Center. Thanks to the influence of Italy, the cities and cuisines of Nice, Genoese, Liguria all blended together and evolved into fascinating French Mediterranean cuisine, which nowadays is served in the La Petite Maison Dubai. The combine powers of two cuisines have a style of light and healthy food. Generously served sea food, meat and pasta with olives, tomatoes, lemons, corgettes and other iconic products is a least you can expect here and of course a large assortment of wine and cocktails.

7. Zuma Dubai

Zuma Dubai is a restaurant of Japanese cuisine and it is located in the Dubai International Financial Center. The restaurant that was founded by chef Rainer Becker has not only the traditional Japanese dishes but it also brings a special style of dining called izakaya, which means dishes are brought to the table continuously throughout the meal. The design of the restaurant aspires to balance combining all six elements of fire, earth, water, air, wood and iron. The menu can offer you small dishes, sushi & sashimi, robata, which is a similar method of cooking to barbecue, desserts and other offerings.

6. Social by Heinz Beck Dubai

This Italian restaurant is located at Crescent Road, Dubai Palm Jumeirah. Heinz Beck is a known master of modern gastronomy in Italy and Europe. Being world famous and having 3 stars from competent and renowned Michelin Guide, Social by Heinz Beck will deliver unique experience. It welcomes you with soft and elegant design, memorable atmosphere and modern Italian cuisine. The menu will offer you rich sort of starter dishes, main courses, light courses, desert menu, beverage menu and a wine list.

5. Pierchic Dubai

Pierchic Dubai is situated in Al Qasr Hotel at Madinat Himeirah. It is located at the end of the pier of the hotel. The restaurant offers you large sort of Mediterranean seafood and absolutely beautiful, captivating sights and memorable atmosphere. Among many accolades Pierchic Dubai has, it was awarded 7 times as the best romantic restaurant. Bringing “over-the-water” and al fresco (outside) dining experience it also has beautiful rickshaws that transport guests from pier to door and a standalone bar with an interesting cocktail menu.

4. Nobu Dubai

This restaurant of legendary Japanese cuisine is located in Atlantis the Palm Hotel. Nobu Dubai mixes Japanese style and South American influences creating unique and unforgettable experience. This brand evolved into a collection of restaurants after the request from Robert De Niro for Nobu to open the restaurant in New York. Guests can enjoy the finest and most authentic Sake, cocktails, premium beverages, a signature dish of Black Kod, relaxing on the coach while listening to music or find inner peace dining in the Nobu’s Garden.

3. At.mosphere Dubai

Located on the 122nd floor of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, this restaurant will give you the peak experience of fine dining not only in a figurative way. You will find yourself almost 500 meters from the ground enjoying the meal and watching on the breathtaking and memorable views of the Arabian Gulf. The cuisine of this restaurant is unique with high quality products under the control of the professional At.mosphere Culinary Team. The menu of this restaurant is innovative and always has something new to surprise its guests.

2. Zheng He’s Dubai

This Chinese restaurant is situated at Jumeirah Mina A’ Salam, Madinat Jumeirah. Zheng He’s Dubai delivers an interesting experience of classic oriental cuisine filled with modern flavours. The menu opens the secret of inspiration behind the signature of ‘Fortune Beggar Chicken’ and will also offer you diverse options of soups, rice & noodles, vegetables, meat, seafood, starters etc. The restaurant will also gladly serve its neo-oriental meals to children offering them a special menu.

1. Ossiano Dubai

This underwater bar & restaurant is situated at Atlantis the Palm Hotel, Palm Jumeirah. Ossiano Dubai offers a truly unique experience of dining with seafood having the Ambassador Lagoon memorable views right next to your table. It offers you the most elegant cocktail and mocktail, each one of them made with the best spirits and flavoured with fresh figs, basil, hibiscus and lavender. The restaurant gives a vibrant atmosphere and “fresh” music with incredible vocal talents to make the dining even more unforgettable.

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