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Dubai Travel Guide for the New Travelers 2021

Dubai Travel Guide for the New Travelers 2021 - Coming Soon in UAE
3 December 2020
12 minutes to read

Dubai is one of the top attractions and the best city to spend your next vacation.

Dubai is a large, tech-savvy, and modern city with great amenities. The style and luxury Dubai offers to its visitors make it more expensive but still, it’s worth a shot. Most of you must know that it was just a small fishing town that is now turned into a modern metropolis.

Dubai has done the best job to develop a city that fits the taste of almost every person that belongs to different parts of the world. It is a home of skyscrapers, buildings, giant shopping malls, the largest ski slope, beautiful beaches, safari tours, and much more. But, before visiting you need to do complete research to make your trip more exciting and save money.

In this article, we will discuss some important tips and pointers you should know, especially if you are traveling to Dubai for the first time. Also, don’t forget to contact any Car rental Dubai company to book a car before your trip.


Travel Guide to Dubai 2021


When to visit Dubai?

The only thing that is not ideal is the weather in Dubai. The summer season starts from April to September and all these months are quite hot. So, if you are traveling to Dubai as a tourist, we suggest you visit it in Winters. You can visit from November to March so you can enjoy the sightseeing throughout the day easily. Other months are not suitable for tourism as the temperature is unbearable.


Burj Khalifa

Best months to travel to Dubai

From the mid of November to the start of December, you can avoid huge crowds. That’s the ideal time for you if you hate crowds. But if you are an extrovert and you love crowds, you should visit Dubai by the end of December so that you can enjoy Christmas and the new year. Don’t visit Dubai in the first 2 months of the new year as it is extremely crowded and prices are also high.

Dubai Beach

Dress code in Dubai

Dubai is an Islamic country but it is also liberal. You can wear shorts but you should wear full clothes out of respect for the culture of Dubai. It is better to avoid tight and revealing clothes, especially for women. Also, choose your clothes according to the weather like use light cotton clothes in summers along with sunscreen, hats, and glasses. But in winters, wear jeans, full sleeves shirts and also pack a few jackets. You can pack swimsuits as well if needed but these clothes are just allowed for swimming or you are visiting a beach.


Street of Dubai

Documents for traveling Dubai

Getting a Dubai visa is not hectic but we suggest you get it done before a month to avoid last-minute panic. You can download the forms from any relevant site and submit it. You need to pack your travel insurance documents, passport, ID card copies, for a safe traveling experience.


UAE Currency

The currency of UAE is Dirham and you need it to pay for food, tickets, or anywhere else. So before traveling, visit any money exchange center or bank of your country to exchange your local currency into Dirhams. Although, you can do it in Dubai as well. But, it is safe to have a few Dirhams. Also, you can use your international debit or credit cards.


UAE Currency notes

Getting around in Dubai

You can hire a taxi or use local transport to roam around in Dubai. For your convenience, you can rent a car according to your stay duration. It is the best option because it allows you to move at your own pace. Also, if you like being somewhere for longer, you can stay and you don’t have to follow the local transport schedule. Make sure to pack your own GPS or buy a map to navigate around easily, or you can just use Google Maps.

Deira Creek

Where to eat in Dubai

Dubai is rich with multi-culture dining options and they have franchises of famous food chains around the world. There are plenty of restaurants in Dubai where you can enjoy Italian, Indian, Pakistani, Thai, Chinese, or any type of food. Along with that, there are a couple of street food options if you would like that. If you want to try traditional Arabic food, you can find it too in different Dubai restaurants.


Must-see attractions in Dubai

There are hundreds of attractions in Dubai to visit but there are a few attractions that you should not avoid. These are Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Gold Souk, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah, and many more. If you have plenty of time, then you can roam every street and corner of Dubai or you can move towards Abu Dhabi or Sharjah too in your rental car.


Atlantis The Palm

Where to stay in Dubai

Dubai has a couple of options where travelers can spend the night. For the tourist budget-friendly options, we recommend you to find places anywhere in Al Barsha, Downtown, Bur Dubai, Deira, or at The Palm. In case you’re looking for expensive places, you can find resorts, 5-star hotels, or villas in different areas of Dubai. Some of the best hotels are Taj, Voco, Armani, Fairmont, Anantara, and many more.



Make sure to visit Dubai at the best time of the year. We recommend you to visit it in winter so that you can enjoy it more. Also, try to keep the above tips in your mind. Book your car from the Monthly car rental Dubai company if your stay is long. Also, make sure to book your hotel before your trip to get the best deals. You may find a couple of coupons to get discounts on hotels, rental cars, food, etc. So always try to do your homework no matter what country you are visiting. Happy Traveling!


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