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Education in Dubai has been ranked as one of the highest in the world.

With a small population of 2.5 million, Dubai has positioned itself to be one of the Middle East’s most prominent economic hubs. It consequently homes one of the best universities with diverse programs for both graduates and undergraduates. It also has many global branch campuses and both privately owned and government institutions.

In the education circles, universities in the UAE are highly respected, with medical schools, law and engineering schools offering prestigious programs for adventurous students.

Education in Dubai gives both a scenic and relaxing view and an opportunity to receive the best education. As Joan Young stated, “Much education can be monumentally effective when we teach men how to turn mirrors into windows.”

In this article, we will highlight some of the best universities in Dubai and feel free to choose a competitive degree course in any of them.



Hult international business school building outdoors

1. Hult International Business School

Hult International is a global business school that connects some of the best business talents globally. This school has gained a unique business perspective globally as it is more than just a business school. In this global generation, it is a new way to experience the world. You can immerse yourself in significant, influential cities such as Boston, New York, London, and Shanghai. You have a chance to graduate with a network already in place.

You will quickly discover your true path and collaborate with different students globally. The school also offers many scholarship opportunities to successful applicants.


Some of the scholarship opportunities include the Social Impact, Global Professional, and Future leader scholarships.

Students with a natural aptitude in leadership and professionalism can significantly benefit from getting exposure to high-performing and inspiring teams.

It is ranked as the 17th best Business school globally by Bloomberg.

S P Jain School building exterior2. S P Jain School of Global Management

This is an Australian global university ranked in the top 100 by the Financial Times. The Nielsen Research team also rated it as the best higher learning institution in the UAE.

The school has other campuses in Mumbai, Sydney, and Singapore. It has Undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses.

The school has an Industry Advisory Board that makes suggestions on the curriculum, sharing knowledge, and recommending workshops to colleagues.


This school has many scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students. The scholarships are meritorious to encourage those joining these programs. The basis for scholarship awards is academics, interviews, and diversity. Other outstanding achievements such as social services and sports are also taken into account.

The University has a Tri-City Model and the Business Education mode 2.0. The professors are exceptional mentors, and even years after graduation, students keep in touch with the University for Regional Immersion Projects and diversity. It is not just for imparting knowledge but for grooming the students for leadership roles after graduation.


people inside MODUL University Dubai building

3. MODUL University Dubai

This is a vocational school with the richest and longest tradition in tourism and hospitality. It has more than 100 years of excellence.

It is recognized as Austria’s leading private International University. It is owned by the Chamber of Commerce in Austria, which is the most extensive education provider in Austria.


It found its home in Dubai in September 2016 and was finally inaugurated in October 2016. The University gives special attention to research, student experience, and international partnerships. This leads to better and successful job placements after graduation.

The University also has 360-higher degree programs aimed at bridging the gap between the industry and academia. There are also exclusive grants, internships, and scholarships extended through competitions.


students with logo of Al Dar University College

4. Al Dar University College

This university college was established in 1994, and it has been infusing students with relevant skills to place them in the market strategically. The student body consists of many students from different countries around the globe. The university atmosphere is diverse and nourishes a diverse student base on a day-to-day basis.

There is a comprehensive portfolio of programs aimed at professionals and students. In line with the roadmap to growth, the University is increasing the number of programs it offers to satiate the increasing demand for a good education. The programs are all industry related aimed at empowering students.


The University is also very active in extracurricular activities. This broadens the spectrum of a student’s knowledge facilitating their academic growth.


Middlesex University in Dubai outside views

5. Middlesex University in Dubai

This University was established in 1992. It is widely known and highly regarded as one of the best providers of education for international students. Students from here have outstanding academic performance and are highly employable and successful graduates.

This University’s history dates back to the 1880s when two educational institutions in North London merged to form the Middlesex Polytechnic. For a long time, it held its polytechnic status and ascended to university status in 1992.

The Middlesex University Dubai campus is one of the renowned overseas campuses of Middlesex University. It was also the first Middlesex university campus overseas. It is home to over 3,000 students from more than 100 different nationalities. Furthermore, it is committed to meeting the needs of a culturally diverse student body while underpinning their expertise using innovative research and professional practice for their academic programs. The students are prepared to be professionals and committed to lifelong learning that contributes to the communities they end up living and working.


I hope this article has been useful in your university selection process. You can also check some of our best selections of majors and professional essay writing services on There are also magnificent accommodation areas in Dubai for students. Dubai has a long tradition of excellence combined with different liberal levels of inquiry. They continue to flourish in a fertile environment.

From inception, universities in Dubai have a good reputation for quality, credibility, and integrity. Their outstanding record for a good education has placed them in the international scene.

Critical thinking is encouraged and nurtured, characterizing great learning institutions. Choosing such programs is an investment in your future and a big step in professional development.


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