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6 Ways to Help Your Child Obtain a Scholarship in a Private School in the UAE

6 Ways to Help Your Child Obtain a Scholarship in a Private School in the UAE - Coming Soon in UAE
19 February 2024
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Rigorous academic programs, smaller class sizes, personalised attention and access to top-notch facilities – these are a few of the benefits private schools provide students.

Private schools also offer an array of in-classroom, co-curricular and extracurricular activities that foster character development and strong community bonds. These, in turn, give students a solid foundation for lifelong success.

Sending your child to a private school in the United Arab Emirates, therefore, is one of the best ways to invest in your child’s education and future career success.

Fortunately, students can access various UAE scholarship opportunities. These grants help alleviate the financial challenges of enrolling your child at a private school, which is sometimes your only option due to language barriers and to ensure they receive good-quality education.


Helping Your Child Secure a Private School Scholarship

If you and your young learner are determined to obtain a scholarship in one of the top private schools in the UAE, below are some tips to help you achieve this goal:

1. Choose the right private school.

Selecting the right private school is crucial when seeking scholarships for your child since targeting a well-matched school enhances their chances of securing a merit-based grant.

The ideal private school should align with your young learner’s academic and extracurricular interests, giving them an environment where they can shine. Here’s why:

  • A strong match ensures your child can excel academically and actively contribute to the school community, ensuring they continue being a good scholar.
  • A school that shares your young learner’s values and aspirations gives them the motivation they need to stand out as a student.
  • This alignment paves the way for a successful educational journey from their very first day.

The right private school offers different scholarship options, giving your child more opportunities to obtain a grant based on their capabilities and achievements.


2. Understand the different types of scholarships.

The best private schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer different categories of scholarships. They may include scholarships awarded on the basis of:

  • Academic merit, either overall or for specific subjects
  • Sporting talents
  • Creative abilities in arts or performing arts
  • Musical talents
  • Diversity criteria

Some schools categorise them based on merit in specific fields and specialisations, such as sports, arts, technology and entrepreneurship.

Merit-based scholarships are also available for students who excel in particular in  science, maths, English and other subjects.

Some private schools also offer diversity scholarships to students from a variety of backgrounds.

Knowing the different types of scholarships your child qualifies for can help you choose the right ones they should apply for and have the highest chance of securing.


3. Support your child’s academic performance.

Academic excellence is a primary consideration for private school merit-based scholarships. As such, encourage your child to perform well in school. Having high grades and standardised test scores can significantly bolster their application.

Additionally, continue helping your child develop and follow good study habits. These include:

  • Having a regular studying routine
  • Developing strong organisational skills
  • Practising effective time management.

These habits help them perform well in exams and prepare them for more rigorous academic requirements as they proceed to the next stages of their educational journey.


4.     Encourage your child to pursue their chosen extracurricular activities.

As mentioned, many private schools offer merit-based scholarships in sports, arts and other fields. Therefore, encourage your child to continue participating and excelling in their chosen extracurricular activities.

Also, many scholarship committees look beyond academic excellence; they seek well-rounded students who contribute to their school or local community.

When your child is active in sports, clubs, arts, or community service, they demonstrate:

  • A diverse skill set
  • Leadership and/or teamwork
  • Hard work and stamina
  • Dedication and commitment

Such qualities make them a compelling candidate for scholarships since they reflect their potential to excel in both academics and life beyond school.

Keep in mind that encouraging your child’s engagement in extracurriculars not only enriches their academic experience but also enhances their prospects of securing a scholarship.


5.     Assist your child as they work on their scholarship application.

A private school scholarship application requires several documents. Ensure your child submits all requirements that show them in a positive light by helping them with the entire process.

You may be required to submit:

  • A resume. Start by helping your young learner create a stand-out resume. Ensure it lists their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work and special skills or talents.
  • A personal essay or statement of purpose. This document is an opportunity for your child to convey their passion for learning, goals and suitability for the school. Therefore, you need to help them write a compelling, well-structured essay highlighting their unique qualities and accomplishments.
  • Letters of recommendation as part of the scholarship application process. Encourage your child to request stellar recommendation letters from their teachers, coaches or mentors. Ensure these documents highlight your child’s qualities, achievements, and potential as a student.
  • An application form. Complete the scholarship application form correctly, carefully and honestly.

A well-thought-out and organised scholarship application pack can help your child make a strong impression on the selection committee.


6.     Help your child prepare for the scholarship test and interview.

Many private schools require students to take an assessment exam as part of the scholarship application process.

Ensure your child is well-prepared for these exams by asking the admissions staff what tests they administer. Once you have the details, look for appropriate study materials and practice tests you can give them so that they can prepare well for this part of the application.

When your child aces these exams, they have a higher chance of securing a scholarship.

Once your child passes the test, they are likely to undergo an interview. Help them prepare for this crucial part of the process by conducting mock interviews. During these practice sessions, remind them to let their personality shine through and remain calm and composed during the interview.

By doing mock interviews and giving your child encouragement, you can boost their confidence and ensure they can convey their strengths and aspirations clearly and effectively.

If you and your child are aiming to obtain a private school scholarship in the UAE, remember that there are several options you can consider. More importantly, you and your child can achieve this goal with careful planning, hard work and dedication.


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