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Skydive Dubai Desert Dropzone

Skydive Dubai Desert Dropzone - List of venues and places in Dubai
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Skydive Dubai Desert Dropzone - Coming Soon in UAE
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Dubai - Al Ain Road (E66), Dubai,  Dubai

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+971 4 83 28 080
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Skydive Dubai Desert Dropzone is a popular destination for skydivers from around the world to come and practice.

This Dropzone is one of two Skydiving Dropzones in Dubai, the other one being near the vibrant Dubai Marina.

Imagine sailing over expansive and mesmerizing sandy dunes at 13,000 ft height. It is a magnificent, lifetime experience, and that’s exactly what Desert DZ is all about. It is the place for both tandem jumps (although the more popular destination for them is the Palm DZ) and regular solo practices, as well as freefly, canopy, and wingsuit coaching.

There is also an on-site cafeteria in the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, a coffee counter, a fully equipped rigging loft, 2 massive air-conditioned packing rooms, free WiFi, an outdoor rest zone, and a retail shop.

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