Dubai Garden Glow – a Luminous Desert Mirage | Coming Soon in UAE

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Dubai Garden Glow – a Luminous Desert Mirage

Dubai Garden Glow – a Luminous Desert Mirage - Coming Soon in UAE
17 February 2020
10 minutes to read

Where there used to be sands up to the horizon once, today you can find another masterpiece of human art – Dubai Garden Glow, a stunning theme park with many entertaining attractions and vibrant shows.

Located in a section of the iconic Zabeel Park, Dubai Garden Glow was first opened to the public in 2015, with its construction cost being as high as about AED 30 million. Being very close to the vibrant Dubai World Trade Centre, its location is truly a heart of Dubai.

Walking along the paths of the park, park visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing neon colors of installations and moving sculptures. All figures, along with the lightning in the park are created manually by professional craftsmen. Several hundred professionals have invested their skill and mastery in creating this masterpiece at the intersection of art and entertainment.

Dubai Garden Glow – a Luminous Desert Mirage

The whole atmosphere of the park seems to take people into the world of magic and fairy tales. Each season, a common theme is selected for the park, such as Wonders of the World or Back to Nature. According to the theme, all bright compositions and sculptures are made. They can be exotic flowers and ornaments, wild animals, dinosaurs, cartoon characters, and even the most famous buildings in UAE – fantasy has no limits. Every year the exposition is fully updated and visitors get into a completely new luminous world. 


Dubai Garden Glow – a Luminous Desert Mirage

The creators of the park make a special emphasis on the fact that its concept is not only beauty and art but also an attempt to increase environmental awareness. All sculptures and compositions were deliberately created from recyclable materials. For example, a recreated copy of the Great Sheikh Zayed Mosque made from tens of thousands of porcelain cups and plates, or a copy of Burj Khalifa, made entirely from medicine bottles. It is also important that energy-saving LEDs are used to create ambience and color masterpieces.

Dubai Garden Glow – a Luminous Desert Mirage

There are several zones in Dubai Garden Glow, each of them offers its own unusual experiences. Magic Park presents a variety of illusions and enchanted experiences, where visitors can break the laws of gravity and marvel at unusual optical effects. In the Dinosaur Park, an outdoor park for fans of prehistoric animals, people can explore more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs in their original scale. They look almost alive and will delight children with their loud roars.


Skilled craftsmen created real masterpieces from ice in the Ice Park. You will see beautiful architectural structures, animals, fairy-tale characters and other figures. A bright illumination makes all the sculptures uniquely beautiful.

Dubai Garden Glow – a Luminous Desert Mirage

At Art Park, the creators of Dubai Garden Glow express the idea of combining culture and sustainability. Here, as in an unusual eco-friendly museum, there are works of art on various topics that are significant for modern society.

Also in the park, guests will find many places for lunch, relaxation, as well as recreational activities for children. The park is open every day (like other similar parks of Dubai, Garden Glow works seasonally), from about 04:00 PM until late in the evening. Ticket price costs around AED 65, depending on the number of zones you would like to visit.


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