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Halloween Celebration in UAE

Halloween Celebration in UAE - Coming Soon in UAE
31 October 2021
10 minutes to read

The history of Halloween is rooted in antiquity. But at the same time, it is difficult to imagine a holiday more modern.

Halloween has been historically celebrated in the United States and Western Europe. From there, it spread to many other countries around the world. However, this holiday is celebrated unofficially and is not considered a day off in any country.

Halloween date is fixed – every year the holiday is celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1, on the evening before All Saints Day. It is believed that the very name of the holiday comes from the abbreviation of the phrase All-Hallows-Even (“the evening before All Hallows’ Day”). The main symbol of the holiday is Jack-o’-lantern – a pumpkin with an ugly face carved on it and a candle lightning it up from the inside.


Halloween originates from the Celtic harvest festival Samhain, which marked the end of the agricultural year and the end of the warm season. This holiday was transformed into a modern version after Christianity came to the British Isles. In ancient times, people believed that on this night the doors to the other world opened and the inhabitants of hell could come to earth. It is from here that the tradition to put on all kinds of costumes depicting ghosts, vampires or werewolves began.

Today, however, Halloween has long lost any symbolism or religious significance. This is just a way to have fun. In recent years, the variety of costumes became wider, with pop culture characters added to the rooster. The main thing, however, is that these costumes remain unusual and funny. On 31th of October, people gather together in small groups, walk down the city streets and spend enjoy the evening, giving each other sweets and greeting cards.

Halloween is a popular event among the UAE expats community, although not on such a scale as, for example, in the USA. At this time, many venues host theme parties and events, which took a form of grand masquerades, with hundreds of costumed guests come and enjoy the party. On the streets and in crowded places you can see cute pumpkins and meet people dressed in themed costumes. There is usually no special holiday events. However, the same can be said about many other countries where Halloween has become more a family holiday, in which both children and adults take part with pleasure.


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