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Are you planning to visit Sharjah for the first time? And wondering how much you can save for this desirable tour? Don’t worry, you are on the right track here.

I have been to Sharjah many times and each time I experience something different that made me now realize how things would have been if I had already known them beforehand. So that is why We are here to help you if you are planning to visit Sharjah for the first time. Even if you are on a budget you can still find many Budget Hotels in Sharjah as well, all you need is a little guidance. So here we go!

Do you assume Sharjah is affordable or expensive? Then your answer is – Sharjah is not so expensive as the other emirates. It is a quiet and peaceful plus traditional emirate and has everything at the doorstep.


Easy Access to everything

You can find anything anywhere, it is not like that you have to buy the groceries or other necessary stuff only from big markets or malls. You can easily get the stuff from the nearby shops as in Sharjah at every street corner you can find a small utility store for your help. The rates of simple things are very affordable and any person can find it affordable not only the specific class. So you can be at ease if you are on tour. It is not going to cost you much if you have plans to cook at your place while you are staying in Sharjah.

Affordable and cheap

Sharjah is quite an affordable place and the reason maybe is that because it’s an old place and has a rich history, and the people around are very cooperative and generous. In many matters, you don’t feel like you have no help around and no way out, instead people ask by themselves if you need any help or anything.

In my personal opinion and experience, I have witnessed this thing and one of the shop guys came and asked if I needed any help from him. That gesture was not only from a one-time story but many times.


Al Majaz - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates


Fun things to do at Cheap rates

You can even find places in Sharjah to enjoy yourself with your family at cheap rates. You can even visit Sharjah natural history museum and desert park and explore little turtles wiggling when getting food by the little visitors and bees humming around in the big separated area. People usually get amazed looking at these rare species enjoying their habitats.

There’s also one archaeology museum which is designed to portray the ancient history of the state and most of its part is made of mud, plants, and animals (little statues), however, the entrance fee for grown-ups into this museum is around 5 dirhams, which is not much expensive plus worth the visit.


Affordable Staycations

Staycations is a popular word as it is usually owned by locals and is more like guest houses for travelers. They can be rented out for a month to a year or a season at very affordable rates and let me add one thing here that living spaces in Sharjah are very airy and huge, not like the ones in the UK.

Since people here like to have open and airy living spaces and the majority use the light and bohemian colors for the interior which gives the best possible combination for the perfect place to spend your quality time in. You can rent the place for a week or some days as well, totally depending on your vacation time.


Easy Transportation

One of the best factors in traveling to Sharjah is that they have easy public transportation access and you don’t need to rush around to find a cab. Although, many people in the emirates do prefer cabs or their vehicles because the fuel in these states are less expensive and this goes the same for public transportations as well.


Sharjah has been on my top of the list when it comes to spending some time out of the country on vacations. The main reason for this is the hospitality and affordability of the place plus you can explore many places as well. It is not as expensive to stay in Sharjah as many assume. So why not give it a try yourself!

Happy and safe journey!


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