Saya Brasserie Cafe, City Walk - List of Venues and Places in UAE |

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Saya Brasserie Cafe, City Walk

Saya Brasserie Cafe, City Walk - List of venues and places in Dubai
Сafe & Bistro Сafe & Bistro
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Born in Dubai, Saya brand became the oasis of all things sweet and desired.

Saya Brasserie is a cozy concept with American breakfasts, hearty lunches, nice dinners and delicious cakes. It is a great place to sit with friends for an enjoyable lunch, to spend a romantic dinner with your beloved and to have a nice breakfast with your kids on a cozy Saturday.

The restaurant provides all courses of Mediterranean experience: from the prolific variety of a la-carte menu, to the richest Moroccan hummus and custom desserts.