Sharjah Downtown | Coming Soon in UAE

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Sharjah Downtown

Sharjah Downtown - Coming Soon in UAE
Sharjah Downtown - Coming Soon in UAE
Sharjah Downtown is a district of Sharjah.

Sharjah Downtown boasts throughout several districts of the city of Sharjah, starting from Al Wahda road up until the shore of Arabian Gulf, and goes as deep as to the border with Ajman.

Sharjah Downtown is mostly calm and suitable for permanent residence. There are numerous residential areas built between the 90s of the last century up to most recent high-rise towers with spacious apartments. There are also a couple of hotels ready to host guests from around the world.

Of course, there are several small shopping malls and family-oriented entertainment complexes. Throughout the downtown, there are countless small stores where everyone will be able to find a souvenir in memory of the beautiful Sharjah.

The main advantages of living and resting in this area are close proximity to Dubai, calm family-friendly atmosphere and very affordable prices. The transport system is well developed, which makes it possible to easily and quickly get to any of the neighboring emirate.

Although there may be fewer tourist attractions in Sharjah Downtown, this does not make it anyhow boring or less interesting. It definitely has its own unique charm. Downtown is a very atmospheric part of the city, it will delight you with colorful architecture and comfort. Here you can relax in a friendly hospitable atmosphere, visit one of many museums and outdoor parks, enjoy the daily life of local people and feel like one of them.


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