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Small Business is Increasingly Exploring the Internet

Small Business is Increasingly Exploring the Internet - Coming Soon in UAE
11 April 2020

The sad truth is that the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic brought some major changes in everyone’s lives. Bringing horrific events and consequences, It taught people an important lesson of responsibility for each other.

It showed us how important it is to stay home when there’s a risk of getting ill, or more importantly – to get someone ill. People learned it the hard way, and history tells us that this is, indeed, the most effective way of learning.

In this new reality, where the practice of social distancing became a necessity, small and medium-sized businesses are looking for new ways to sell their products and services. The current trends have chosen the broad highway where the Internet business has all the potential it needs to make a powerful leap in its development.

Today, many entrepreneurs (both in UAE and around the world) are witnessing an unprecedented increase in sales made on the Internet, which has almost become the primary channel of interaction with customers. Those businesses that relied on the physical presence of clients found themselves in a particularly difficult situation.

Crisis in many sectors of business forced decision makers to reconsider the principles of business management. Before the pandemic, it was enough for a small candy store to have a relatively simple website (so-called ‘a business card website’) with just basic functionality, with all the customer interactions happening beyond it – over the phone, or in the store itself. Now, many buyers stay at home, not having the opportunity to drop in for sweets, but craving for them. A fitness trainer or a small fitness studio is another great example – they all find themselves in a situation where neither the training room nor a group of students is physically available, but the demand for fitness is high.

Examples are plenty, and each decision maker has to find its own creative solution. A candy store is better to create a website and a photoshoot of its products, provide a thoughtful delivery system and enable online card payment. A trainer can look for one of the Web conferencing solutions with video, and start giving online classes. Under the new conditions, the representatives of both small and medium-sized businesses have to be creative and find ways to interact with their customers online, with no direct contact.

One of the main tasks today is the need to find your potential buyers online and get them interested in your product. For this, local Social Media groups and online forums are popular, being places of communication for communities on a territorial basis and professional associations. Participation in such communities helps small companies reach a wide group of buyers, find other businesses for joint actions, as well as get new ideas and find new technologies for business development.

And if your business still does not feel confident enough in the World Wide Web, then now is the time to find a new way for your company and master online tools to conduct business. It often does not require significant financial and time costs, especially if you turn to the right people for help.

With the right mindset, a bit of luck and some patience, the outcome of the 2020 pandemic can bring a variety of possibilities for businesses to grow in many unexpected ways. The rise of the global economy is inevitable, and now is the time to start looking for its place in it.


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