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New and Easy Conditions of Spouse Visa Dubai in 2023

New and Easy Conditions of Spouse Visa Dubai in 2023 - Coming Soon in UAE
9 February 2023
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The UAE has introduced a new visa system that offers easier entry without requiring a sponsor. It also provides a range of visa types to suit different visit purposes and duration. Residents of the UAE, with a residence visa, are eligible to sponsor their families (spouses and children) for two to three years. This is a relatively inexpensive process. If you are looking for a Spouse Visa Dubai, then this piece is just for you. In this blog, you will learn about the latest terms and conditions for a spouse visa in Dubai. Let us look:


Eligibility Terms for Spouse Visa Dubai

The UAE offers a wide range of visas to cater to the requirements of ex-pats. Designed to allow the ex-pats to explore their job opportunities while maintaining a sense of stability for themselves and their families.

Family visas are generally valid for two years and the renewal process is also easy. However, if the sponsoring employee does not apply for a family visa Renewal Dubai within 30 days of expiry. They would then be declared unlawful inhabitants and could face a fine.

Moreover, family members over 18 must undergo medical tests for HIV and Tuberculosis. They also have to register their children in government schools and access state health services and insurance.

A welcome change introduced by the UAE in recent years. Previously, only certain professions were eligible to sponsor their dependents.


Requirements for Spouse Visa Dubai

Previously, there was a requirement for the husband to work in a certain profession (e.g., doctor, engineer, or nurse). However, this requirement was changed in March 2019.

Expatriates working as teachers, doctors, engineers, or nurses in the medical sector can sponsor their spouses and children to work in Dubai on a residence visa. Their salary should be a minimum of 4000 AED without accommodation or 3000 AED with accommodation.

If the wife sponsoring husband visa in Dubai, she can apply for the visa either online or through a registered typing center in UAE. They will need to submit the typed application along with their entry permit and medical certificate. Once approved, they will receive an email or SMS stating that their visa is ready to be stamped. The process is much easier and more convenient than before because you do not have to go to GDNRD. The visa can be approved in 3-4 days if all the necessary paperwork is submitted.



The new and easy conditions of Family visa in Dubai in 2023 are expected to attract and retain global talents and skilled workers. The basis on a flexible work model that enables individuals to explore job opportunities in the country. Without sponsoring by a host.

This type of visa enables individuals to stay in the UAE for 5 years without requiring a sponsor or employer. It also requires a freelance or self-employment permit, proof of financial solvency throughout the applicant’s stay in the country, and a minimum educational level of a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma.

The visa costs are relatively low in comparison to other types of residence visas. Therefore, the spouse visa Dubai cost also varies to type. Male residents, who are employed in the UAE and receive a salary of at least AED 4,000 per month can sponsor their wives and children (known as immediate family members) to stay in the country.



There are several UAE Family Visa Requirements that you must follow if you want to bring your spouse or dependent family members to Dubai. These requirements are relatively simple to meet. However, can be difficult if not followed correctly. However, the same requirements are for spouse visa renewal Dubai.

For example, if you are an expatriate and you have a UAE residence visa, you may be eligible to sponsor your wife, children, or stepchildren to stay in Dubai. In order to do this, you need to meet the criteria and pay a deposit.

Moreover, for Dubai Spouse Visa, you need to be able to show that your spouse will not need state benefits or other funds to live in Dubai. This is an important requirement, as it will help to determine your financial status and ability to support them without any assistance.


The sponsorship process is fairly straightforward and relatively affordable. Especially when compared to other forms of residence visas in the country. However, you should remember to keep all the required documents and paperwork ready ahead of time. To avoid any burdens during the application process.

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