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5 Key Benefits of UAE Golden Visa for US Citizens

5 Key Benefits of UAE Golden Visa for US Citizens - Coming Soon in UAE
26 February 2024
10 minutes to read

Citizens of post-Soviet countries are just some of the ones looking for an emergency airfield when things are going badly. Americans who plan to stay and enter the United Arab Emirates using special programs also consider this option.

The southern Arab country is valued among American citizens for its advanced taxation, stable economic development, excellent medicine, and street safety. In addition, foreigners also appreciate the low cost of living. The expert of the Immigrant Invest agency, Vladlena Baranova, tells how to get a  UAE Golden Visa. Read our material and get comprehensive information about this program.


Explanation of UAE Golden Visa

A unique document has been prepared for Americans, which allows them to stay for a long time. This permit is issued for 5 to 10 years and will enable them to live, study, or work in Dubai and other cities in the Arab world.

Many people can apply for the document: students, scientists, athletes, innovators, and business people. People who worked hard during the Covid-19 pandemic can also apply for a pass to the country. These are workers in medical or pharmacological industries.

You must contribute $136,000 to any business project to acquire such a visa for five years of residence. The amount will be much higher if you need a pass document for 10 years. Investor will have to spend 545,000 dollars to finance economic prosperity. 


1. Visa-Free Travel within the GCC

One of the advantages of UAE Golden Visa for US citizens is the ability to travel freely to 150 countries. These include almost all of the Gulf States. It allows pass holders to do business in these territories and fulfill their commercial interests. Having such a visa is considered one of the important pros for an Arab country, strengthening its reputation in the business world. 

2. Business Opportunities

Americans who can get such authorization receive a comprehensive profile of opportunities to invest in economic projects. The Arab country is known for its good tax climate, excellent banking system, and diverse finances. There is also an opportunity to own a company in specific industries to make a profit on the territory.

Entrepreneurs who open their businesses in the UAE receive tax benefits. It is especially relevant for the so-called Free Zones. There are unique customs and tax rules that make life easier for every foreign business person for commercial transactions.


3. Long-Term Residency

One of the other pros of UAE Golden Visa for US citizens is the possibility of long-term presence on the territory of the Arab state. According to the program, staying for 5-10 years with an extension of this period is possible. It is done so business people can adapt to the conditions and concentrate on their activities. It is especially valuable for people in business who can develop their businesses and achieve the highest prosperity of their enterprises.

4. Property Ownership Advantages

The real estate in the Arab country is 70% cheaper than in American metropolitan areas. For example, one must pay $4,000 per square meter in Dubai versus $16,000 in New York. In addition, it is possible to buy residential or commercial space in the Emirates remotely. Professional lawyers will offer property that meets the preferences of foreigners. Acquiring an apartment remotely is one of the main advantages of obtaining a visa. 

5. Tax System

The authorities offer entrepreneurs another series of benefits related to the tax sphere. Interestingly, there is no income tax in the Arab countries, and there are no other taxes in which other states are characterized. Introducing favorable fees is an encouraging factor for developing prosperous businesses and good profits. The state attracts Americans who want to invest in the region’s economic development to the country.


Is UAE Golden Visa Worth It

Obtaining a document provides many attractive privileges for American citizens. Foreigners interested in getting this pass have several fundamental advantages:

  1. A long period of validity. The visa can be valid for 10 years after the first application. It is also possible to extend the period of validity.
  2. Employment opportunity. Using the document, foreigners can get an official job in any Emirates region.
  3. Residence permit. Foreigners can get a visa; it is just an opportunity to obtain residency for themselves and close relatives.
  4. Quality medicine. Holders of UAE residence visa for Americans can get serious discounts in medical institutions in the Arab country. 
  5. Ease of travel. Foreigners can enter and leave the Emirates without any restrictions. 

As you can see, the key benefits of UAE golden visa for US citizens are diverse. Before choosing this option of relocation, you should carefully study this issue. It is also not superfluous to get professional advice from immigration lawyers, who will explain all the subtleties of registration of such a pass.

In particular, the UAE attracts not only with the above advantages but also a relatively favorable climate and street safety. Crime in the country is low, and business conditions and standard of living are pretty high. In addition, prices for goods and services are many times lower than in the United States and other countries. This approach will allow Americans to settle in Dubai or other cities and possibly obtain Emirati citizenship, which also opens up several great opportunities. Provide maximum comfort for yourself – seek help from specialists. Together with professionals, you will save maximum time and money, which are necessary to resolve unnecessary issues during the paperwork process.


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