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Golden Visa Programs for Indian Citizens: How to Choose the Best Option

Golden Visa Programs for Indian Citizens: How to Choose the Best Option - Coming Soon in UAE
3 June 2024
10 minutes to read

A Golden Visa for Indian citizens is one of the best and easiest ways to open the whole world and various opportunities. They allow staying in a chosen country as a resident with simultaneous access to other states and regions. They broaden business and education chances and this is only the start of the list of benefits of Golden Visa for Indians. Discover more about this approach and do not hesitate to take part.


How Golden Visa Programs Work

The concept of golden visas is nowadays applicable in numerous countries. The local authorities welcome investors who meet the requirements and are ready to fund the economy or other areas.

This process is based on the following:

  • The authorities provide thresholds and options for funding together with criteria and rules for participants.
  • A future investor selects the program and submits documents according to the list.
  • They are considered and a positive decision gives a quick and efficient way to become a resident.

This option is the fastest compared to other ways of becoming a resident of another state. On average, it takes from a few months up to half a year to complete it.

Furthermore, there is no need to pass language proficiency and other tests. At the same time, an applicant may include family members in this process. This increases the cost a bit but does not create an additional burden related to documents.


Criteria for Choosing the Best Golden Visa Program for Indian Citizens

How to select the best Golden Visa programs for Indian citizens? Kenley Henderson, a qualified specialist of My Golden Visa, suggests verifying the next criteria to obtain the maximum efficiency:

  • The basic eligibility rules, especially whether or not the program is open for Indian citizens. The majority of European countries will do, as well as many islands.
  • The presence several options for funding to select from. Thus, one may fund the local HEIs or buy property or government bonds.
  • The minimum threshold. It differs from 100,000 to 1 million euros giving the space for everyone.
  • The longitude of the document that is issued. The residency permit usually lasts a couple of years with the ability to get it again.
  • The need to stay in the chosen country for a stated period. Some programs do not have this rule and this is their key benefit.

In addition, each state has some unique advantage related to its location or history, banking system, or healthcare. The thing is whether you wish to live in the place of a new residency. If yes, you should consider the living and its features more closely.


Top Golden Visa Programs for Indian Citizens

Citizens of India can take part in these programs all over the world. The following options are considered as top 5:

  1. Portugal offers a threshold of 250,000 euros and grants permanent residency in 5 years. The rich culture, comfortable climate, and access to the European region are guaranteed.
  2. Another attractive European choice is Malta. Here, the costs are higher and reach 690,000 euros. At the same time, there are several funding options, including property and government bonds.
  3. Dominica is the cheapest option in the Caribbean region. The authorities welcome investors who are ready to donate 100,000 USD without the need to stay on the island for some time.
  4. One more suitable option here is Grenada with a 150,000 USD threshold and only 3 months required to complete the procedure, which can be done online.
  5. St Kitts and Nevis is also a good option with a funding of 250,000 USD and a quick hassle-free procedure and lifetime residency as a result.

The only thing that Indians should keep in mind is the absence of dual citizenship for them on the part of their homeland.

The Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) card was created for those who wish to get another residency but maintain a connection to India. This document gives the same rights as a passport with exceptions for voting and buying land for agriculture.

One should consider this option beforehand and get ready to apply for this card after the approval of participation in the chosen Golden Visa project.


Benefits of Obtaining a Golden Visa for Indian Citizens

These programs have gained huge popularity due to:

  • easier arrangement of visas for business, including to the USA;
  • abilities for international traveling without visas depending on the chosen region;
  • income that comes from investments and attractive taxation;
  • access to the world-class banking systems, education, and healthcare;
  • eligibility for the applicant and his family, including all dependent members;
  • the easiest application and the quickest consideration.

Therefore, those who meet the set criteria can get a new passport in a few months. This is a great contribution to the future, which provides ample opportunities for living and working globally.


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