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How to Decrease The Cost Of Your Grocery Successfully?

How to Decrease The Cost Of Your Grocery Successfully? - Coming Soon in UAE
22 May 2020
5 minutes to read

Grocery shopping is one of the basic everyday needs, but it can be really costly. Everyone knows the feeling of surprise when looking at the receipt, which seems too high no matter what we buy.

It’s, of course, true that the items which are in high demand are getting more and more pricey, but it’s not impossible to try to save a little even on buying them. Although careful planning of everyday shopping may be a real challenge for many families, it’s not impossible to save up a little. There are quite a few tricks that you can use not to spend a fortune on everyday groceries!

Plan Before Buying

Making a long detailed shopping list before going to the supermarket seems incredibly dull and time-consuming. Many of us simply wander around the aisles and chaotically look for any items that we suddenly remember to buy. But actually, making a list of the things that you need is easier than it seems. Nowadays, you can use many apps that allow you to add certain products and create your ‘basic shopping list’ for each week or month. They can even remind you when to go shopping in order to avoid crowds and rush hours! If you don’t fancy downloading any app, simply use the notes in your smartphone to put all the products that you need. Traditional sticky notes are a good alternative for those who prefer to write on paper. Make sure, though, that you put or save the list in an accessible place – you can avoid looking for it everywhere before going out.

How to Decrease The Cost Of Your Grocery Successfully?

Look For Discounts

Try to find a little spare time in the week to have a look at the supermarkets’ websites or magazines and look for bargains and discounts. Supermarket owners add new special offers almost every day and thanks to them you can save up quite a lot of money. For example, the ‘two for one’ discounts are very common. You can save up by buying certain products in advance. Many people don’t like storing tons of food or detergents, but they can be a lot cheaper if you buy them in a set. You can find the bargains online via special ‘discount search engines’, such as Coupon Codes Me – a website that allows you to search for best deals available all over the world.

Track Your Expenditures

Keeping track of all the expenditures may sound even more boring than planning the shopping. But knowing the amount that you spend on particular products is the key to saving up. If you know how much you spend every week, you can try to reduce this amount step by step, for example by choosing cheaper alternatives of the same product. Remember that lower price doesn’t always mean poor quality! Test a few brands of the same product and compare their prices.

How to Decrease The Cost Of Your Grocery Successfully?

Don’t get mislead by the Offers

It’s no secret that supermarkets and shops use a range of tricks to lure their customers and make them buy more than they planned. Although it’s easy to get fooled in the maze of the supermarket aisles, if you become aware of these tricks, you can resist. Pay attention for example to the layout of the items on the shelves. Very often, the cheapest products are put at the back of the shelves so that the customer has them out of sight. More expensive ones are often exposed and highlighted. Another common trick involves the architecture of the shop – the most needed products are usually put at the back of the supermarket. The customer needs to get through the whole shop to reach them, and, possibly, choose something more on their way. Therefore, be aware of your shopping decisions and slow down a little!

Think Again

The ‘stop and count to ten’ method is excellent in many situations in life, including grocery shopping! Once you fill your trolley up with various products, just stop for a moment before going to the checkout and revise your choices. Check carefully if you’ve bought all the items on your shopping list and if there’s anything apart from these things. If so, consider leaving it until the next shopping spree – maybe you’ll rethink it and assume you don’t really need to buy five packets of rice at once!

Although shops and supermarkets are now available on every corner, they put great effort into luring their customers and making them spend far too much. That’s why it’s not easy to keep reasonable and reduce the costs of groceries to save up a little. But if you remember the few ways mentioned above, doing shopping will soon become easy and pleasurable! Keep in mind the trick that the shops use, try to get used to making shopping lists, and pay attention to bargains and coupons offered by grocery stores – you’ll be amazed how much you can actually save!


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