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Top Wedding Gift Ideas to Help You Save Money

Top Wedding Gift Ideas to Help You Save Money - Coming Soon in UAE
22 May 2020
10 minutes to read

Weddings are deals made in heaven. They are special moments that needs to be a remembrance forever. Friends, family, caterers, gift packers, and vendors, all of them are happy when someone is getting married as they all benefit in some way.

When your friend is getting married, you tend to go bonkers with excitement. You try every way to make them happy and try all tricks to surprise them and make their special day even better. The married couple is happy when they receive the best gifts from people. Gone are the days where you wrap up boring showpieces that pile up in the cupboards of people’s houses and are transferred as gifts to others’ homes. Maybe after a good round of exchanges, the same gift might end up in your house someday. People expect gifts that might be of good use to them, so it is time that we share good ideas for you to gift your loved ones sensibly. Also, it is unfair to only gift your friend, as keeping both the bride and groom in mind while buying gifts is a better idea and makes the bond stronger.


If chasing the perfect gifts can be a herculean task for you then this guide can be helpful. But chasing the perfect amount of savings is equally important. To guide you with that we suggest opting for the online shopping channels where you can unlock some special and exclusive savings using promo codes and coupons. Users can get everything they need for the essentially perfect gift on Noon while availing the best savings using the top Noon Deals.

While you usher into the haystack of some amazing gifts fr your best friend make sure to not make your friendship sour with your budgets and savings. Help yourself to save extra while you shop for anything on the internet. By using some exclusive coupons and promo codes you can ensure you get the best of savings at all times and mobilize your gifting ideas without pushing yourself beyond the expectations of your expenditure.

1. Tickets

Nothing better than providing your best friends free honeymoon. You can gift them a whole honeymoon package to their favorite destination. If they have planned for it, gift them a pleasant Air Bnb stay or a booking at a posh hotel. Check the best sites at the place and gift them relaxing spa treatment packages. Or you can get them a couple of tickets to the opera or the play. Apart from these, if the honeymoon destination is a coastal town, you can book numerous activities like deep-sea diving, turtle walk, and cruise trips. If the couple is fond of tattoos, get them an appointment with a famous tattooist to get matching tattoos, that will cheer them up. If they are fond of alcohol, a wine club membership, or a wine tasting event is a beautiful gift for them.

Top Wedding Gift Ideas to Help You Save Money

2. Ornaments

Sparkly pieces of stones carved into beautiful designs are one of the best gifts you could give your loved ones. Personalized bracelets, love cuffs, brooches, chains, lockets, rings, necklaces, and many more are perfect gifts for a newlywed couple. Noon UAE provides amazing offers on jewellery with bracelets starting from AED 40 and 87% off on other ornaments. Apart from these mainstream pieces of jewellery, you can choose to gift something off the hook like zodiac stones, names carved on marbles, or conch shells. They look astounding and make perfect gifts for couples. If the couple is fond of piercing, you can get fancy piercings in the market to please them. The best part about jewellery is that they are breathtaking and occupy very little space in the house and you can be sure that the one receiving will cherish it with care forever!


3. Essentials

There are high chances that a newlywed couple is moving into a new house together. And there might be situations where they are unable to buy things for their home because marriage swallows a big part of the earnings. That is your chance to help them with the most useful gifts – house essentials. Primarily, one can always go for items like bowls, personalized cups, rice cookers, frying pans, bedding sets, pillows, blankets, dutch ovens, electronics, cutting boards, coffee makers, and bathrobes. If the couple can afford the basic items, you can choose among wine glasses, cake stand, tote bags, wine racks, doormats, hand-woven laundry baskets, matching t-shirts, and other clothes. Making it a bit more fancy will add beauty to the house. As the couple will be traveling post-wedding, gifting passport holders and cameras will be a very good idea. Noon UAE offers 40% off on all housewares and the price of cameras starts from AED 800. They also offer a flat 15% on selected electronics.

4. Innovative and simple

The gifts listed above are all the usual items, people, gift at weddings. The thought of gifting something special will encourage you to look for something innovative and useful, yet simple. One of the major trends in wedding gifts is customized photo frames. Apart from the pictures of the couple, you can use an intersection of their last names as a picture. You can choose beautiful wood carvings in the couples’ favorite theme. Compact tapas boards are good for people interested in having picnics everywhere. Wishing balls and moonlight lamps tend to be very romantic. Posters or sculptures of their favorite idols are amazing gifts. Apart from these, you can gift board games, trivets, coffee table photo albums, fishing pole campfire roasters, facial kits, wine boxes or kits, flavor infuser, water bottles, clay pots, flower vases, plants, paintings, wine stoppers made of colorful stones, painting or sketching kits, stone diffuses, scented candles etc. A personalized wooden pushpin map is a trendy gift for couples fond of traveling.


5. Books

Couples who read together, stay together. A couple keen on reading will find nothing but books to be the best gifts. Anniversary journals are a very good idea, but they are not really books but are something interesting to read. You can gift recipe books for couples which will help them cook together with passion. You can either choose self-help books or books of your friend’s favourite genre that will excite them. Another good idea is to gift them books that will help them improve their married life. Some among them are 5 love languages by Gary Chapman and Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller. You can also get them book racks, bookmarks or vase bookends to add beauty to their collections. A membership to the library is a better idea among all. Remember, there is no “too many books” for people who love to read.

We believe this article has provided you with a lot of ideas to impress your friend on their wedding with amazing gifts. When you gift them, wish them all the prosperity and happiness in life and make sure your gifts speak the same. The best gift you can give, as a friend, apart from all these items, is a promise to stay with them even in the most unfortunate of situations.

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