Dubai Miracle Garden – Flower Kingdom From A Fairy Tale | Coming Soon in UAE
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Dubai Miracle Garden – Flower Kingdom From A Fairy Tale

Dubai Miracle Garden – Flower Kingdom From A Fairy Tale - Coming Soon in UAE
25 November 2019

Dubai’s many amazing places and colorful sights are hard to list. And one of them is remembered by everyone who visited this country, diverse in its wonders, and this is a unique flower garden – Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden was opened to the public in 2013. The garden, which has gathered in one place many unique flower installations and spaces for relaxation, is located on an area of 72,000 square meters. Over 150 million flowers of hundreds of varieties blooming here. It’s hard to believe, but this world’s largest natural flower garden is in the place where the desert used to be. This is truly a miracle of human aspirations and perseverance!

This is a unique place full of bright colors and fabulous scents. Wherever you look, you will find vibrant, pure colors and rich designs created from a variety of flowers from around the world. The path through the park will be comfortable and exciting for adults and children.

Dubai Miracle Garden - flower kingdom from a fairy tale

The center of gravity of the beautiful garden is a palace of flowers with tall blooming turrets, against which tourists are so fond of taking pictures. Famous installations of the park are the huge sculpture of Mickey Mouse, 15-meter functioning floral clock with mechanical parts, Aerial floating lady installation, Butterfly Passage, Hearts Passage where couples in love like to be photographed, Floral Auditorium for entertainment events, Lake Park, underground floral cascade Lost Paradise as well as the floral structure of the Airbus A380, which was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 2016 as “largest floral installation”. This is not the only achievement of this unique place. Dubai Miracle Garden is also proud to have the world’s largest vertical garden, as well as the highest supported topiary structure.

One of the most interesting parts of the Dubai Miracle Garden is the Dubai Butterfly Garden, which was opened for visitors in 2015. This is a unique indoor butterfly garden, which is home for about 15,000 butterflies of 26 kinds. In this place you will find ten domes in which you can watch the life of butterflies in all its magnificent diversity.

There are many places for relaxation and for having a picturesque photoshoot in the garden. There is also a lot of cafes, restaurants and kiosks with street food as well as gift shops. Guests can stroll along the 400-meter walking path and stop along the way for comfortable refreshment and admiring the views. There will also be stunning entertainment events, costume parades, live shows, musical performances by street performers and other recreational activities for guests on the walking path. Children and adults will appreciate another place for entertainment in Dubai Miracle Garden – Trampoline Park. Here you can jump and have fun with the whole family.

Dubai Miracle Garden - flower kingdom from a fairy tale

Dubai Miracle Garden is part of Dubailand, a stunning entertainment complex, as well as Global Village, Falconcity of Wonders, Dubai Sports City, IMG Worlds of Adventure and dozens of other ambitious entertainment projects. Each year, this magnificent kingdom of flowers is visited by about 1,5 million people. 

Dubai Miracle Garden welcomes guests from mid-November to mid-May, just at that time flowers feel best in a hot climate. And even if you have already visited Dubai Miracle Garden once, then be sure to visit it again – annually the exposition of floral sculptures is changed to amaze guests’ imagination again and again.

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