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Business Setup in UAE

Business Setup in UAE - Coming Soon in UAE
10 July 2022
5 minutes to read

The United Arab Emirates provides unique business opportunities for entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Here you can get the most out of business activity due to low income taxes (5% VAT), personal profits and dividends. Every year, the number of business licenses is growing by 3-5%, which indicates the attractiveness of the region for investment from all over the world.


However, starting a business in the UAE has its own features, which need to be carefully examined if you decide to transfer your capacities to this country. The UAE market is quite young, and there are many low-competition niches where you could prove yourself as efficiently as possible.

What business is most in demand in the UAE now? Here are some ideas for business setup in UAE to your consideration.

  1. Travel company. Tourism in the United Arab Emirates is developing at a frantic pace and is very popular due to the cleanser sea, year-round warmth and a huge number of innovations. The constant increase in tourists to the Emirates (25 million tourists are expected by 2025) requires the organization of high-quality recreation and entertainment. Simplified requirements for opening a travel company allow citizens of other countries to fill this niche.

An important condition is the need for partnership with a local resident.

  1. IT companies are a rather promising niche in the light of the fact that no modern company can exist without the Internet. However, some significant license, office and staff costs, as well as annual audits and health insurance, will have to be incurred, even though some staff may work remotely.
  2. Trading company. Since trade in the UAE is the basis of the economy, this type of activity is considered one of the most profitable and promising. Dubai’s advanced logistics and a large number of seaports make it one of the world’s trade hubs.
  3. Construction company. Government spending on infrastructure construction runs into billions of dollars a year. If you already have experience in the construction industry, be sure to consider starting a construction business in the UAE. Engineering and design are also promising. The cost of registering a building company in Dubai is quite expensive, so consider partnering.
  4. Online E-commerce store. Due to the ever-growing purchasing power of the population of the Emirates, online trading is a promising line of business.

Whether you’re planning to sell your own manufactured goods or create a platform for the sale of goods from other stores, you should conclude an agreement with a delivery company, and then you can open an e-store in a free economic zone.


Benefits of investing in business in UAE

Opening a business in the UAE is an opportunity to maximize profits within the country and around the world, to trade in the single tax and customs space of the Arabian Gulf countries, to obtain the status of tax resident of the country and protection from tax exchange.

You will work in conditions of equal competition, because the UAE laws guarantee equal rights and opportunities for doing business for local residents and foreigners.

You’ll benefit from preferential conditions for organizing business in priority sectors of the economy for the state.

The absence of inflation, stability and a high level of domestic consumption allow you to feel free in the country and develop a successful business.


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