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Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home - Coming Soon in UAE
18 July 2022
10 minutes to read

There are some practical strategies to boost the worth of your home. Various factors contribute to the value of a house, such as the housing demand, the surrounding community, and the local economy.

Still, you can quickly raise your home’s value by making specific changes, transformations, and replacements that can improve its overall appeal and thus, attract a good sale price offer.

If we talk about villas, UAE can accommodate the need of a 3, 4 or 5 bedroom villa, which is a perfect example of a home with increased value.


Numerous measures can be taken to enhance the value of your house, regardless of if you’re planning to sell it or want only to keep growing the house investment value. Some of these are as follows:


Make It Sustainable – Consider solar power

Solar Panels in Dubai

Solar energy is used in passive solar design to help heat and cool living areas. The energy consumed for maintaining the temperature of your house might be reduced due to this.

Moreover, installing solar panels is an excellent idea since they provide energy that may be used for powering your home. People often prefer to power their houses with renewable energy sources that generate fewer carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels by opting for solar energy and cutting their regular bills.


Install Efficient and Draft Proof Windows

High-efficiency windows make a significant impact on the value of your home. Windows are responsible for at least 50 percent of energy loss. Double glass, special coatings, insulated frame material, and high-quality air-tight construction are examples of new technology.

Better energy efficiency, reduced fading of your things, and quiet rooms are all benefits of window replacements. By reflecting solar heat and preventing draughts, window coverings may increase windows’ insulation value.

Moreover, use foam tape to patch cracks and upgrade leaking weather-stripping since it will prevent gaps that cause air conditioning or heat loss, thus costing more.



Renovate the House Insulation

As described in the previous point, house insulation is a significant factor contributing to its value. A specialist can advise you on simple energy-saving modifications such as blown-in attic insulation, foam injection, and other solutions for insulating walls,  ceilings, and floors.


Use Energy-efficient Home Appliances

Energy-efficient Home Appliances

Appliances, after HVAC systems, are the primary energy users in your house. Consider them two costs, i.e., the acquisition and operation costs.

The second costs are considerably reduced when you get the most energy-efficient solutions. Refrigerators, stoves and ovens, dishwashers, clothes dryers, air conditioners, and water heaters are all energy-consuming household appliances.


Set up a lawn with a drip irrigation system

A green and fresh yard or lawn doesn’t only spruce up the appearance of your house. Plants may help cool down your home’s temperature while also helping break strong winds and purify the air.

However, improper methods will soon negate the advantages of watering the yard. Drip irrigation is a superior option in such cases. These supply water to plants using gravity, concentrating it precisely on the roots where it is required.

Thus, not only will you be saving power by removing pumps, but reducing waste by allowing water to evaporate as well.



Make It More Attractive

Your home’s curb appeal, or how it appears to others from outside, is the first opportunity to make a favorable first impression. A home’s façade must entice a potential client to enter via the front door. Additionally, changing the garage door to give it a more modern look will also change the overall appearance of your house’s front area.

You can also plant flowers or replace the front door to make it look attractive and neater.


Focus On the Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms, according to several real estate professionals, are the main rooms that help in selling houses. A kitchen or bathroom makeover may often provide a 100% or even higher return on investment, based on the choices you make regarding the material, the amount of labor you’re prepared to perform yourself, and how big of an improvement these modifications provide over your house’s existing state.

These improvements are the greatest method to raise the value of your property in case you are on a budget for the renovation.



Freshen It with New Paint

New Paint

Colors have the potential to alter your place completely, no matter whether you are painting the exterior or interior.

Even old exteriors and interiors may be revived with a new paint coat, and this is quite a cost-effective method to renovate your house. It is recommended first to repaint any room with an inappropriate color scheme, for instance, which doesn’t match the vibe of the whole house.


Increase The Floor Area Visually

The size of your property significantly impacts its value, yet floor area is not the only factor to be considered. Visual space, or how big a house appears to be, is also essential. The trick is to ensure that every space in your home feels more spacious.

Substitute heavy closed drapes with shutters or vertical blinds to allow light in since a bright space feels more open and larger. Moreover, a single enormous mirror may virtually double the size of a room.

Also, clean up the mess, which can include furniture and simple things, since the more objects you have in a place, the more claustrophobic it would seem.



Replace Old Rugs and Carpets

It is essential to first examine the soft flooring in your house to check if the carpets or rugs are soiled or worn out. This is one of the factors that is often ignored yet makes the clients turn down the offer since the prospect of having to change the flooring in a property is quite unappealing.

In case you have a restricted budget, start with changing the carpet in the room that is in the worst condition, then start changing others as your resources permit.


Finish Any Incomplete Rooms

When establishing the fair market value of your house, the finished floor area is an essential factor to consider. Even if you cannot spend much money on a significant renovation, basic measures such as installing drywall and carpeting may convert an unfinished room into a valuable addition to your house.

By increasing the footprint of this completed room, you may raise the value of your investment.


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