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Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal - List of venues and places in Dubai
Tourist Attractions
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Dubai Canal is a beautiful artificial water canal featuring waterside hiking & biking trails with benches, a shopping mall, and a number of distinctive bridges.

Opened in 2016, the Dubai Canal has stretched for 3.2 kilometers, making its way to the Arabian Gulf, from the Creek in Old Dubai through Business Bay and Jumeirah Beach Road, making a long walk from Jumeirah beachfront up until the vibrant Sheikh Zayed Road possible. Visitors can soak in new skyline views from five pedestrian bridges in the area, all of which are equally impressive sights. All the streetlights used in the canal are completely solar-powered and apart from being just an attraction, the canal serves as a functional transportation system and provides great connectivity within Dubai.


There are 5 pedestrian bridges, each with its own design. Three of these bridges connect both sides of the canal, perfect for a leisurely stroll. The second bridge over the canal has a concrete slope, making it easy to use for cyclists and people of determination.

The canal side-walk comprises new public places and facilities including a shopping mall, four hotels, 450 restaurants, luxury housing, walkways, and cycle paths.

The Tolerance Bridge

The iconic arc-shaped bridge is one of the popular destinations for photoshoots – in 2017 it was named the Tolerance Bridge, in commemoration of the 22nd International Day of Tolerance. It creates one of the most fascinating scenery during the sunset, as well as working as a symbol of tolerance and multiculturalism – something that Dubai is proud of.

The Dubai Waterfall

The Dubai Waterfall is another important attraction in the Dubai Canal. This illuminated and motion-operated waterfall cascades down both sides of Sheikh Zayed Bridge, stopping for a brief time to let the passing vessels safely go through. It’s an impressive sight to enjoy while strolling alongside the canal.

Dubai Waterfall


Structure of the Dubai Canal

The Dubai Canal is divided into 3 distinct parts:

  • The Water Network consists of 3 water bodies – The Canal itself, which runs from Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf, the Arabian Gulf coastline, and the Crystal Lagoon in Safa Park.
  • The Green Network connects Safa Park to the Jumeirah Beach Park, offering a great leisure experience.
  • The Public Realm, a developed land surrounding the canal, consists of eateries, retail shops, and sitting areas.