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Merika, Bluewaters

Merika, Bluewaters - List of venues and places in Dubai
Сafe & Bistro Сafe & Bistro
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MERIKA Cafe’s speciality is an assortment of Hungarian sweet or savory Kurtoskalacs or Chimney Cake.

Merika Café tends her best to create a close-knit atmosphere where individuals, folks & friends can shoot the breeze while enjoying the Merikan miracles; from the fresh steaming Cannonika Chimney Rolls & memorable Antarctica Gelato Cones to Exotika Savoury Chimney Snacks & mouth-watering Sippika Drinks & Shakes.

On the menu: a yummy combination of fresh and healthy multi-flavoured Gelato, a creamy and aromatic blend of coffee crafted by The Italian masters, and much more.


Merika is a sea goddess. She is the guardian of the voyagers against the rough waves. To do so, she creates serene bays where waterlilies dance gently in tune with mild ripples. Merika is the embodiment of Muse, Elegance, Rapture, Interaction, Kindness, and Aroma. Her daughters are mermaids, or rather, Mermaidikas, who merrily serve the Merikan miracles.


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