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Ukrainian singer Maruv’s Concert - Coming Soon in UAE

Ukrainian singer Maruv’s Concert

20 January 2021 10:00 PM
Maruv is a Ukrainian Artist, Musician, Sound Producer, and Songwriter. Being a part of the band "Pringlez", their song "Easy to Love" made it to the final of the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2016. In 2014, Maruv reached the final of the contest The Voice of Ukraine.
New Year NON-STOP: Morgenshtern and Slava Marlow - Coming Soon in UAE

New Year NON-STOP: Morgenshtern and Slava Marlow

14 January 2021 08:00 PM
Celebrate the Old New Year with two of the most talked-about performers – Morgenshtern and Slava Marlow. Some spend this holiday at large family gatherings where they eat and sing carols. Others simply go out and party with their friends and colleagues, especially if it falls during a weeknight, eating traditional holiday dinner.
Arthur Pirozhkov Live Concert - Coming Soon in UAE

Arthur Pirozhkov Live Concert

1 December 2020 10:00 PM
Show restaurant, Chalet Berezka welcomes ladies and gentlemen for a great night filled with fun, flair and fabulous food and drinks with Russian pop-singer and performer, Arthur Pirozhkov. With a comedy career and his special charisma, Arthur Pirozhkov became a successful singer and gained a thousand fanbase.
PaRus Music Festival 2020: Ivanushki International - Coming Soon in UAE

PaRus Music Festival 2020: Ivanushki International

3 November 2020
International music festival PaRus 2020 will bring an incredible show program to the audience with the best performances of artists of various genres. This annual event will present Russian band - Ivanushki International who is recognized for its pop songs, mixed with Russian folk influences, and international dance tunes.