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10 Best Countries in the World for a Destination Wedding

10 Best Countries in the World for a Destination Wedding - Coming Soon in UAE
13 October 2023
10 minutes to read

Just 20 years ago, all weddings followed the same scenario, differing only in the number of guests. Now times have changed, and young people can choose for themselves what kind of wedding to have. Among wealthy people, a fashion has emerged to organize wedding events in a distant exotic country. Which countries should you pay attention to?

1. Cheap wedding in Georgia

In most cases, the expression “cheap wedding” causes two reactions: some’s eyes light up at the thought that they can save a substantial amount of money on the celebration, and others barely conceal disgust, imagining plastic dishes, cheap champagne, and shabby registry office or other dreary state institution. Either way, it certainly bears little resemblance to a dream wedding.

In fact, a budget wedding is absolutely not necessarily a complete rejection of the celebration and almost all of its attributes. That’s right, no. An inexpensive wedding is a combination of minimal budget and maximum benefits. If you’re interested, let’s break down how it’s possible to achieve this.


One of the main disappointments of lovers when they start preparing for the wedding is, of course, the budget. And already at this stage, many put their hands down, realizing that a good wedding they can not afford. But this situation can be corrected.

  • Step one. If getting married in your country is costing you too much, change countries. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not at all. It’s a recommendation! For example, pay attention to Georgia. This country has already become a place of marriage registration for thousands of foreign couples. It’s cheap, you can get married in 24 hours, and the scenic views are breathtaking.
  • Step two. There is no point in wandering in the dark and trying to organize a wedding in Georgia on your own. Contact a wedding agency, “Shu Wedding” can calculate the approximate cost of your celebration in Georgia in just a couple of minutes. Sounds fantastic, because you can waste no time and practically get all the information you need at the snap of your fingers.
  • Step Three. Find the right wedding package for you. Budget weddings are a very popular request and finding the right wedding package that includes a good range of services and the right cost for you is quite easy.
  • Step four. Don’t settle for the bare minimum. No, it’s not about money, it’s about the number of services. Just putting signatures in the registry office can be your biggest mistake, because in a couple of years, you will regret that you stinted even on a photographer who would have made you great photos as a keepsake. Look for options and you’re sure to find the right one.

By choosing the “Shu Legalization” package, you are providing yourself with selfless peace of mind, confidence in the process, and the opportunity to enjoy every moment of your special date.

10 Best Countries in the World for a Destination Wedding

Best of all, the price of all these services is only $525.

As you can see, a cheap wedding package in Georgia is not only realistic but easy to accomplish. Cheat on “Shu Wedding” Agency and your wedding budget will only make you happy!

2. UAE

There comes a time in the life of every couple in love when they want to legitimize their relationship. And now, the engagement is over, it’s time to start organizing the wedding event. The most important thing is to decide where it is better to celebrate and stay for your honeymoon. Getting married in the UAE is an excellent option for creating a new family! Here are four reasons why a wedding in such a marvelous place will certainly please both the newlyweds and their guests.


Weather and climate. Needless to say, the weather in the sunny UAE is warm all year round. The hot sun, blue skies and seascapes make the UAE a fabulous destination for weddings and honeymoons. Throughout the year, the temperature ranges from +35-42 degrees in summer and +10-26 in winter. In December and January it rains approximately 1-2 times a month, and fogs on the coast occur in May-February. The sea warms up to +35 in extreme heat, and in the winter season the water temperature is +16-18 °C. However, most days of the year in the UAE are sunny and dry, which means you don’t have to worry about what the weather will be like during the celebration.

Places and sites. This is where true diversity meets! Places for holding an official or symbolic wedding ceremony in the UAE are each beautiful in their own way. Newlyweds can diversify the celebration with walks along the coast, camel and horse riding, or rent a yacht. The bride and groom can hold a classic European or Oriental ceremony here, or enjoy a luxurious vacation among tropical greenery or sultry desert sands!

Food and banquets. Even if you have unusual food preferences or are a sophisticated gourmet, you can rest assured that a banquet in UAE restaurants will surprise you one hundred percent. A variety of dishes, stunning panoramas and spacious banquet halls are what the wedding industry in this sunny country is famous for. The newlyweds can also order a wedding cake and light snacks for the buffet. Restaurants offer a variety of decoration styles to suit the theme of the celebration, including beautiful room decorations, seating cards and much more. Of course, the cost of a banquet is a significant part of the budget, but a good table is the key to the success of the entire holiday!

Wedding photo shoot. One of the reasons why many spend their wedding ceremony and honeymoon in the Emirates is the opportunity to get excellent photos against the backdrop of the desert, the Persian Gulf or a modern metropolis. The UAE itself is rich in amazing places: huge beaches, parks with singing fountains, colorful oriental architecture – it’s better to see and photograph once than to hear a hundred times!


3. Maldives

Perhaps the best place for a wedding can be considered the Maldives. A wedding in this piece of paradise promises an abundance of emotions. Newlyweds can plant a coconut tree here, leaving a sign on it with the date of the ceremony. In a few years they will be able to return here and see how much their palm tree has grown.To organize wedding ceremonies, there are even special hotels located on separate islands with a private beach and a vast blue ocean around. This is a great backdrop for wedding photos. Oaths of allegiance can be taken on tiny uninhabited islands, where no one will witness it. You can also take a short cruise between the islands of the archipelago, accompanied by musical accompaniment in the form of national drums. And how wonderful a romantic dinner would be on the ocean shore – with exotic fruits, cold champagne, and local cuisine!

4. Czech Republic

For those who find the Maldives too far away, the neighboring Czech Republic with its magnificent medieval architecture and delicious cuisine will seem much more convenient. Here you can have a luxurious European wedding, and not only register your marriage, but also get married in an Orthodox cathedral. There are more than enough places to hold a ceremony here: the Municipal Palace, Prague Town Hall, the Liechtenstein hunting castle, the castles of Stirzyn, Karlštejn, Sychrov, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Prague Gardens, Aliprandi Palace, the Clementinum Mirror Chapel. Brides everywhere will be able to feel like princesses who will be driven to the ceremony in a real carriage.


5. Cuba

In Cuba, you can register your marriage with a special registrar right at the hotel, or go to a beautiful gazebo or to the beach. The newlyweds are provided with luxurious views: emerald ocean, white sand beaches, waterfalls, tropical gardens, flamingos and pelicans. You can even get married in an Orthodox church, which is in Havana. Great photos can be taken on the island of Cayo Largo. Cuba is full of antique cars in which you can take a wedding ride or at least take a photo in front of them. You can also arrange a ceremony with local music – with a frank rumba, passionate salsa or a noble son.

6. Sri Lanka

It’s so easy to forget about the daily hustle and bustle surrounded by white sand, hot sun, rustling palm trees, aromas of spices and tea! The ceremony can be decorated in either European or Buddhist style. In the second case, the newlyweds will be dressed in traditional Sri Lankan clothes: the bride in a sari and the groom in a sarong. During the wedding procession, girls will sing national songs, and boys will dance to the sound of drums. The ceremony is held on a poruwa – a special platform decorated with pink and white lotuses. The newlyweds traditionally exchange betel leaves seven times, signifying love and union for seven generations.After exchanging rings, the newlyweds treat each other to rice boiled in coconut milk and drink water, which should mean caring throughout life. When the newlyweds descend from the river, one of the attendants cuts the coconut with a sword. Drops of coconut milk falling on the young promise them numerous healthy offspring. After this, the young couple stroll on a colorfully decorated elephant along the golden beach. The evening ends with a romantic dinner.


7. Italy

Wedding ceremonies in Italy have become very popular, because here you can take gorgeous photographs against the backdrop of luxurious Alpine villas, mountain lakes, vineyards in the Italian countryside, in squares or near Roman palaces and fountains, on countless beaches. Here is where your imagination can run wild:

  • arrange a wedding in the city of Romeo and Juliet – Verona;
  • ride in style on a gondola along the Venetian canals;
  • feel a little Medici, organizing a celebration in Florence, or in the mafia style in Sicily;
  • A classic wedding held in the city on seven hills – Rome, will be no worse.

You can stop at just one thing, but if funds are not limited, then you can travel all over Italy.

8. Cyprus

A Greek-style wedding is best celebrated in Cyprus, where it is possible to organize ceremonies in the place where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born. There, the newlyweds will be dressed in tunics and sandals, and in this form at sunset, against the backdrop of the sea surf, they can swear their love to each other. Afterwards, the happy couple can enjoy a romantic dinner with wine, olives, fish, cheese, oranges and grapes.In the past, marriages in Cyprus could only take place in a hotel or city hall, but now there are more such places. The sculpture park and the shore located near Limassol are very popular, where, according to myth, Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam. In the cities of Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Paphos, Protaras, the ceremony can be held in amphitheaters, on beaches, in picturesque groves or gardens, and near Paphos there is a pirate ship that has run aground, adapted for the same events.


9. New Zealand

For those who are looking for something special for their wedding, and who are not afraid of huge distances, you can spin the globe and look for New Zealand. Local Maori aborigines call it “the land of the long white cloud,” and its incredibly picturesque nature will be the best backdrop for the ceremony. Many who get to New Zealand to get married are not limited to just a stamp in their passport, but prefer to spend their honeymoon here, because here you can see so many beauties: New Zealand cities that look completely different, amazingly beautiful mountains, lakes, glaciers and bays. The locals are very friendly, they will help guests relax, forget about the bad, provide delicious food and treat them to local wine.

10. China

In China, you can take part in a symbolic ceremony with national flavor. There are still few agencies organizing wedding tours to the Middle Kingdom, but thanks to this, the wedding will turn out to be unique. It is best to go to Hainan Island with its 300 sunny days a year, thermal healing springs, picturesque bays, large landscaped parks and golf courses. There are also villages of the Miao and Li peoples here. Several hotels of the world’s leading chains have been built in Hainan, where you can book a colorful wedding ceremony, and at the same time stay for a honeymoon.You can also order a wedding ceremony in the traditions of the ancient Chinese empire – where the bride was supposed to have three wedding dresses, and there will be bright dragons around, girls in national costumes, dancing and singing national songs.


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