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Top reasons to buy a pre-owned Electric/Hybrid car

Top reasons to buy a pre-owned Electric/Hybrid car - Coming Soon in UAE
27 June 2019

Buying a used car running by gas is often horrifying enough. Almost nobody thinks that they have got a good deal or purchased a perfect used car.

And when it comes to buying an electric or hybrid car, people get worried about many things. Sometimes the concerns are justified, while some are just urban myths. If you’re looking for an electric/hybrid car, let me tell you that you made the right decision no matter what the reason is. Our climate is crying for help, and we must convert all our gas guzzling carbon emitting vehicles to the cleaner electric/hybrid counterparts, and the sooner we do this, the better. Without further ado, let’s start with some common issues and myths which might be holding you back from owning pre owned cars in UAE.

1. The “battery” battle: A battery in any car is one of the most important parts among components, and for an electric or hybrid car, it’s the most crucial one. While it’s theoretically possible to drive a gas car without the help of a battery, it’s impossible to drive an electric or hybrid car without its battery. Because the battery of an electric vehicle is which produces power to run the car, it’s not the gas. Hence the electric car battery is much bigger and more powerful than the tiny one in a regular car. And, those monstrous batteries are costly, which can set you back by huge amount easily. Batteries are batteries, it will go flat eventually at some point no matter how good it is or how you use it. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the remaining life of the battery before you decide you purchase the car.

2. Engine vs. motor: Now, here’s the most important thing. For any usual car running by gas, mileage is an important measure to determine the health of the engine. But for an electric/hybrid car, the dashboard mileage is the most significant factor deciding the remaining battery life, not the motor life. Electric/hybrid car motors are more reliable and have way less moving parts than the gas engines, so unless you’re seeing a huge number on the dashboard, mileage should not be much of an issue – especially in regards of motor condition.

3. How old is too old? There’s another difference between regular gas-driven ones and their electric cousins. The motor and powertrain of an electric car is made differently and go through a different type of wears and tears throughout its life. If you’re knowledgeable about the car and have a little bit of experience in handling cars in general, you can easily tell whether a car is too aged to be considered a good buy. It’s not such simple if you’re looking to a hybrid car. As it’s already stated above, mileage is not very important for an electric motor; similarly, the powertrain warranty period for an electric car is far more than the warranty period of a gas guzzling car. If the car you’re looking for is 3-4 years old and driven reasonably, the battery should have enough juice left for the next few years.

4. The future plan: If you’re planning to buy pre-owned cars in Dubai to use it for the rest of the days of your life and you’re just in your mid-thirties, then you should be prepared for battery change more than once. But if that’s not the case and you intend to change the car after a few years (more or less 5 years), then you’re good to go. The battery life of an electric vehicle is crucial as we said earlier because it costs you dearly. So, this is a more important factor if you’re buying a hybrid car than buying a gas car. There won’t be any temporary solution of a flat battery; hence the finance should be planned priorly to replace the dead battery with a new one.

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