Amphitheatre at Khor Fakkan | Coming Soon in UAE

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New place of attraction in Khor Fakkan: an amazing Amphitheatre.

If you are into finding new places of interest, an incredible Amphitheatre will surprise you greatly.

This amazing location is situated in the Gulf of Oman and was opened by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi in December 2020. This place is an ideal option for those eager to discover something new in the UAE and enjoy a good weekend together with loved ones.


Located near Al Sayed mountain, this large amphitheater can accommodate more than three thousand people at once. Quite impressive, isn’t it? The square footage of this incredible place is no less impressive – the total is 190,000.

Visitors are welcome to visit the new amphitheater at any time of the year. If you have decided to see it during the summer, there is no need to worry about the heat: a special air cooling system ensures maximal comfort for all visitors. Sound and lighting systems are highly modern and function perfectly. Besides, there is a great outdoor area for nature lovers, where they can enjoy truly amazing views.


Another interesting thing that attracts visitors is the waterfall. The waterfall is man-made, having the following characteristics:

  • 43 meters above sea level;
  • 11 meters wide;
  • 45 meters long.

There are many windows so that it is easy for visitors to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the waterfall. There is also a cafe and a restaurant where about eighty people can spend a good time.


In the waterfall, there are also conference rooms ready to host business meetings. There are six elevators in the lobby.

To sum it up, if you are looking for your weekend to be as enjoyable as it can be, and wish to feel the spirit of Rome while staying in the UAE, the new amphitheater in Khor Fakkan is a great choice.

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