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Reasons Behind the Spiked Demand of Arabic Translations in the Gulf Region

Reasons Behind the Spiked Demand of Arabic Translations in the Gulf Region - Coming Soon in UAE
19 April 2024
10 minutes to read

We all know that Arabic is spoken by more than 420 million global speakers. Over the last decade, the need and demand for Arabic language has potentially increased especially in the Middle East, North African regions. So in these MENA countries, the role of Arabic language has become very important. Moreover, the geopolitical environment and the strategic alliance of the Middle Eastern countries plays an important role.

However, with the increasing opportunities, more and more businesses, brands, and companies want to take their share from the business-supportive environment. Globalization of the businesses is now in vogue and every brand is looking to establish itself in the Gulf region. In order to establish a local presence and penetrate the local market, they need to interact with the Arabic natives. Hence Arabic translation is needed, especially for those businesses who have the Gulf region as a target market. The process of globalization involves bilateral and effective communication. To maintain the seamless communication and eliminate language barriers the need and demand of a certified translation company increased by many folds.


If we consider the developments in the areas of infrastructure, business, tech, tourism, etc., we can understand massive growth in these areas.  The Gulf region is the hub of major economic growth. There are seven major countries in the Gulf region: United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.

Annual GDP Growth Percentage Change in the Gulf Region

GDP percentage is the inflation-version of the real growth rate. The real GDP growth is measured by the change in the GDP. Below are the GDP growth-adjusted figures of the Gulf countries

Country 2021 2022 2023
UAE 3.8 5.1 4.2
Qatar 1.6 3.4 2.4
Saudi Arabia 3.2 7.6 3.7
Kuwait 1.3 8.7 2.6
Bahrain 2.2 3.4 3.0
Oman 3.0 4.4 4.1
Iraq 7.7 9.3 4.0

Additionally, the main part of the global establishment of any business and brand is the hefty amount of documentation and compliance with the legal and regulatory authorities. In the case of global expansion, there is also a language barrier. To make this process transparent and avoid any misunderstanding, companies and businesses must acquire Arabic document translation services.

The key to any successful global marketing is effective, localized, and seamless communication. When you enter any global market, one of the biggest challenges is to appeal to the local potential client in a way that is felt by the target audience(s). Whether it is a clothing brand, a coffee machine, or an online store, they all need help from Arabic translation services. In addition to translation, cultural aspects, local preferences, buying habits, trends, and cultural sensitivities play crucial roles in global marketing.

Economy of UAE and Global Growth Opportunities

In the wake of the communication era, businesses, brands, and companies want to connect with their target audience(s) at a personal level. To ensure efficient outreach and multimedia marketing, they acquire professional language service providers for the translation of Arabic documents, whether it is legal, manual, web copies, etc. This is where the role of LSPs becomes defining and paramount.


Moreover, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait show GDP growth among the Gulf nations.

Let’s know more about the apple of everyone’s eye. Yes, we are talking about the staggering growth and global opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. With the exponential development of international trade and business trends, companies and brands started to establish themselves in the UAE.

The supportive regulations, peaceful environment, implementation of rules and regulations, and facilitation of the UAE government encouraged the global communities to establish themselves in the Gulf region.  The United Arab Emirates has become the global hub of business and trade and continues to evolve according to the demanding and dynamically changing business, technological, regulatory compliance, and AI advancements. Consequently, the need and demand for Arabic translation of all types of documents has increased dramatically.

Growth report of the different sectors of the United Arab Emirates

Sectors Growth in 2022
Real Estate 20%
Food Services 20.2%
Retail 17.4%
Transportation & Storage 11.4%
Manufacturing 8.1%
Financial Sector 6.9%

Important Aspects to Consider While Expanding to Gulf Countries

One of the most important elements to consider while selecting a target market is the stability of the environment and supportive rules and regulations. When it comes to the Gulf region, the political stability of the whole Middle East has been a challenging condition over the last few decades. Whereas the leading Gulf countries have stability and peace as compared to the other regional nations.

Thus, stability, economic factors, and global trends are very important aspects when it comes to expanding to the Gulf region. The changing conflicting environment of the Middle East is also very important. These are the most relevant factors to consider when it comes to the expansion of your business or brand.


All in all, the need and demand for Arabic translation services spiked after the UAE had achieved the status of an international trade hub and the concentration of business activities started to bloom in the region. The business-friendly regulations of the Gulf countries nourished the business opportunities, and communities around the globe started to prioritize them for their head offices as well. Businesses, brands, and companies rely on the leading and experienced language service providers over traditional or free translation tools. In this era of artificial intelligence and automation, the role of native and subject matter expert translators has become crucial.


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