Holy month of Ramadan, Day 7 | Coming Soon in UAE

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Holy month of Ramadan, Day 7

Holy month of Ramadan, Day 7 - Coming Soon in UAE
19 April 2021
5 minutes to read

The traditions of Ramadan are diverse in different countries. The UAE like some other middle eastern countries has a very interesting custom in honor of this holy month – Iftar Cannon (Midfa Al Iftar). 

The shot of the cannon is a signal for the end of the daily fasting and the beginning of Iftar. Also, the beginning of Ramadan is marked by a shot.


When exactly this tradition appeared, it is not known for certain. Some historians say that it goes back to the 10th century Egypt. Sharjah was the first emirate to notify its people about the end of the fast in this way, then this custom spread to other emirates. In Dubai, this custom started in the early 1960s. The first two cannons, made during the First World War, then located in Deira and Zaabeel. Today, shots are made from more modern cannons, manufactured in 1945. They are located in front of Burj Khalifa, in the Musalla Deira area, Musalla Karama, and at Al Safa Park. And old cannons can be seen these days in front of the Dubai Police Museum.

The tradition is carried out by servicemen of the UAE army or police. But the event itself is entertaining. Families with children get together to see this and the shot is a reason for joy and fun. Today, when everyone has a watch on their hand and in every home, and various technical devices to remind about the time, this tradition has become a purely symbolic one. It no longer has a practical meaning but is a tribute to the ancient custom.


O Allah, on this day, help me with its fasts and prayers and keep me away from mistakes and sins of the day, grant me that I remember You continuously through the day, by Your assistance, O the Guide of those who stray.


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