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Dubai Rules for Tourists

Dubai Rules for Tourists - Coming Soon in UAE
11 July 2018
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UAE is a hospitable country with a lot of amazing attractions and entertainment, where guests from all around the world are always welcome.

Particularly, huge number of tourists come to Dubai every year. But it will not be excessive to have a knowledge about certain rules of conduct that guests of the UAE should honour while in this Muslim country, for whose inhabitants the traditional values are of great importance. Expressing respect for the country and its traditions, tourists can receive in return a friendly welcoming attitude and wonderful impressions of the vacation.


Import Prohibitions in Dubai

It is illegal to import certain items into the UAE. In particular, it is referred to drugs, and even medicine or food additives can be subjected to careful consideration. The standard punishment for possession of narcotic substances is 4 years in prison and deportation. Drug trafficking is considered a serious crime and in the most severe case can entail the death penalty. It is also forbidden to import pornographic materials into the country on any media. And in addition, pork products and electronic cigarettes are prohibited to import. You cannot import weapons into the country if you do not receive the appropriate permission, the same applies to special electronic equipment.

Alcohol in Dubai

It’s important when entering the country not to be in a state of alcohol inebriation, as well as in the case of being under the influence of drugs, this can entail an arrest. As for alcohol drinking on vacation, it can be done in specially designated places. In this case, alcohol can be consumed only by persons who have reached the age of 21. Do not drink alcoholic beverages in public places, as this is against the law. And of course, a serious misconduct is driving the car in a state of intoxication.

Dress Code in Dubai

Dress Code in Dubai

Rules also exist in the field of clothing. For both women and men, there are requirements to dress according to propriety, covering shoulders and knees. To tourists, the attitude is not as strict as to locals, but too transparent clothes, visible underwear or beach clothing far from the beach can cause criticism and you may be asked to leave the restaurant or shopping mall.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is important to remember to wear protective mask at all times. Exceptions are made in certain cases – when you are eating, drinking, doing sports, or have a health-related reason not to wear it.

You can also read about Dress Code in Dubai in detail.


Public Behavior in Dubai

In general, tourists have to monitor their actions, gestures and behavior that can be regarded as rude or indecent (for example, public kisses, hugs, dances in public places or expressions of aggression) can attract negative attention.

Sexual relations outside marriage are judged based on involved persons country of origin laws. This means that if it is legal to live with someone without confirmation of marriage in the country of citizenship for both, it will be legal to do so within UAE as well. This is, however, applied to traditional couples – homosexual relations are forbidden in the UAE, and their public demonstration can cause problems.

Photography in Dubai

Care should also be taken when photographing, especially – when you accidentally catch random people. Photographing women on the beach can be regarded as an insult, especially – local women. Furthermore, photos of some state objects are prohibited for security reasons.

Generally, you may receive a polite request not to make any photos from a person or a security guard. Just be advised to follow it.

Ramadan in Dubai

During Ramadan, for tourists, several more rules are introduced. For example, it is requested not to eat and drink in public places. In order to circumvent this request, restaurants at hotels often use special screens for windows. Also, tourists should not listen to loud music and dance during Ramadan. Both Muslims and non-Muslims may be punished for violating these rules, depending on the severity of each case.

If you respect the traditions of local people and observe all the rules, then this wonderful world of the modern middle-eastern fairy tale will open for you and you will be able to fully enjoy all its excellent attractions, luxuriate in the comfort of the best hotels, experience fine cuisine of the best restaurants, have a wonderful time in night clubs and get a lot of other great impressions.


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