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The UAE is a place where you can find a variety of healthy lifestyle options. But before you go to the gym and start to workout, you need to know some important information.

The gym was one among the many in the checklist, it’s not like, not accessible or cannot go, it’s just always tomorrow. While the next day looking at all the toned bodies enviously and saying, definitely tomorrow. One fine day the d-day finally arrived, now after hitting the gym seeing the equipment and all the people working my head intensely whirled, now what should, which is the right form of work out at this place to reach my end goals. Well trainer explained with much patience, seemed like everything went it well but after getting up and the blackness made me determined to understand about this different types of workout styles, why and their benefits before hitting the gym and picking an appropriate style for me.


This training method is, let us say the basic necessity. What benefits can we see being stiff and rigid sitting on a chair and, flexibility training improves the quality of life? These stretch exercises help to reduce the risk of injury, helps in agility and serve as a warmup for the intense workouts. Yoga, tai-chi, Pilates can help in reducing stress, improves balance, and breathing.


This training is the type we get like a picture as we think of gym, running out of breath with an increased heart rate, sweating but building up, this training helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system. These exercises include fast walking, jogging, running, stair steppers, swimming.

Strength  Building

This type of training helps in building the muscle, which we start, losing gradually from the age of thirty, by the time we reach 80 there is a potential of losing 40 present of muscle strength. Weight training can also help in building the muscle mass, supplements like Optimum Nutrition serious mass, protein powders like gold standard whey protein help in boosting and building the muscle mass. Lots of low-intensity workouts including pilates, physiotherapy also helps to build muscle.


The name itself defines the need of training if you can do a certain exercise for a period of 10 to 15 mins this training helps to improve the endurance and do the same workout till your desired time, this increases is slow and over time can improve the stamina at a greater length. This is like doing a certain work regularly and slowly pushing the limits from one to two, two to three etc.


This is another important aspect when training for any of your goals, how does this help, your intake of food controls most about the results of your hours of effort and sweat. If the diet is not followed and the required amount of food is not provided for the body, though after tainting the result maybe not be desired. So plan your diet and keep strict to follow it.

Much other food such as protein shakes, healthy snacks, Optimum Nutrition serious mass (protein powders) and many other supplements are available to fill the gaps in the needs of your body after workouts. Take the advice of the experts before following any.

More information about fitness and well-being events in the UAE you can find here.

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