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Moving to a new home can be a wonderful adventure. The excitement of a fresh start, discovering a new neighbourhood, and designing and personalizing your space can give you a sense of incomparable eagerness.

Although moving is exciting, it often comes with several challenges. Organising, packing and transporting your belongings can be daunting, and coordinating schedules, especially if you’re buying or selling a home, can heighten your stress levels.

Poor weather conditions, unexpected delays, and transportation issues may also disrupt your well-made plans.

In the UAE, hiring professionals (including movers and services of handyman in Dubai), creating backup plans, and maintaining flexibility can turn your relocation hurdles into manageable steps. With these pre-emptive measures in place, you can experience a successful transition.


Benefits of Hiring a Handyman When Relocating

Enlisting the services of a handyman can increase your chances of experiencing a stress-free and efficient relocation since they can help you through the following ways before and after your move:


1. Removing wall decorations.

If your wall boasts floor-to-ceiling paintings, picture frames, tapestries and other decorations and you don’t have the time to remove them, add this task to your handyman’s to-do list.

These professionals can carefully remove different types of wall art and decor to ensure they won’t get damaged and you can still hang them in your new home. They can also do this quickly, meaning you can ask them to do other things in preparation for your move.

2. Repairing holes in the walls.

Removing wall decor, shelves and hooks usually means leaving unsightly holes that your landlord or potential home buyers may frown upon.

A handyman can patch these holes, leaving your walls damage-free and looking great.

Your handyman can also handle extensive drywall repair jobs if you need more than patching holes. They have the right tools, equipment, supplies and skills to repair broken and crumbling drywall.


3. Painting projects.

Peeling, flaking, cracking and other paint problems are unsightly and turn off potential buyers or tenants. You may want to delegate this project to home painting services if you don’t have the time and experience to handle a painting job.

A handyman can carry out simple touch-ups and repainting jobs. Enlisting their help lets you have appealing walls and ceilings again, allowing you to impress anyone who views your home.

They can do this job without paint drips that can ruin your floors, furniture and other features, which can make you feel more stressed.

4. Dismantling furniture.

Disassembling furniture is one of the most time-consuming parts of relocating. You can skip this step by hiring a handyman.

These professionals can dismantle bed frames, chairs, desks, cabinets and other modular furniture. You can also ask them to organise and place the screws, hinges and other small parts in resealable bags and label them so that you can have an easier time putting them back.

Your handyman can also pack all dismantled furniture so that your removalists can have an easier time handling and transporting them.


5. Preparing your electrical appliances.

Bringing your flat-screen TVs, washing machine, dishwasher and other electrical appliances to your new home is a cost-effective option. However, moving them involves more than disconnecting, packing and transporting them.

To ensure your appliances remain functional after your move, you need to clean them first. You must also remove any parts that have to be packed separately and secure all cables and wires.

Additionally, you must pack them properly so that they stay safe and secure throughout the move.

These things can take plenty of time, especially since you have to do them meticulously. Otherwise, you may end up having broken appliances that need repairs or replacements after your move.

A handyman can do all of these for you to ensure your appliances maintain their good condition when they reach your new home.



1. Unpacking and organising your belongings.

If you have plenty of belongings, unpacking all your boxes can take several days. You can do this in less time with the help of a handyman.

Your contractor can handle this task and help you arrange your belongings. They can assemble shelves and organise your decorations, dining ware, kitchenware and other items you need to sort out or hang.

2. Furniture assembly.

Whether you need your bed frames, chairs, tables, or desks assembled, you can save plenty of time and effort by letting a handyman handle this task.

If you are only moving locally, have the handyman who dismantled your furnishings assemble them. Since they already handled the furniture, they won’t spend a lot of time guessing where which parts go and how to put them back.

With their help, you can use your furniture and start having comfy, functional rooms as soon as possible.


3. Appliance assembly and installation.

There’s nothing tricky about plugging in your fridge, microwave oven, washing machine and other appliances and using them on the spot.

However, if you removed some parts to make the appliances easier to pack or the equipment requires complex installation steps, you should call a handyman to install them.

Hiring a professional is also your best option if you want to have your LED or plasma screens mounted on walls. If this process is not done correctly, you can end up having skewed TVs or have them accidentally fall and break.

You can avoid these mistakes simply by hiring a handyman.

4. Hanging wall decorations, fixtures and window treatments.

A handyman can ensure your paintings, picture frames, posters, tapestries and other decorations are hung properly so they are not askew and won’t fall easily. They will use the right hardware and help you arrange them artfully so your walls look great.


Your contractor can also help you install your curtains, blinds and window treatments, which can take plenty of time. With their experience and tools, they can do this task in a matter of minutes and enhance the privacy of your home.

5. Electrical upgrades.

If you need to install new chandeliers or replace outlets, switches and other electrical fixtures, a handyman can do all these. They have the necessary skills and tools to do these safely and efficiently.

With their help, you can have a more attractive and inviting abode you can be proud to call your home.

Relocating is always challenging. However, with the help of a handyman, you can make your move less stressful and more efficient to ensure you’re off to a good start as you settle into your new home.


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