Pursued by a Bear | Coming Soon in UAE

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Pursued by a Bear

Creating unique immersive brand experiences and activations.

Creating large-scale immersive experiences and events for audiences of the Middle East. Bringing audiences beyond the normal theatrical stage show to explore and discover stories in unique spaces.

Immersive theatre removes the stage and puts the audience directly in the story. Live it. Breathe it. Be a part of it.

The growth of Immersive over the last 10 years is nothing short of phenomenal. It plays on a desire for more real, visceral, and ephemeral experiences. The chance to step away, to unplug from the daily stress of life, to detach from reality and be transported into a different reality, if only for a while. Everyone loves a little escapism.


With the stage taken away, the traditional “fourth-wall” separation between performers and audience allows for unique ways to experience a story.

It’s not just theatre or arts. Pursued by a Bear also works with agencies, corporates, and governments to immerse guests in a brand’s experiential identity. They envelop guest’s in the brand lifestyle or roll them back in time to the launch of its first product and develop the concepts and direct the action.