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Experience the original Enigma voices live, blending classical and modern, in a historic performance in Dubai!

Distinguished by a trio of Grammy nominations, an impressive tally of 70 million records sold, and a collection of more than 100 gold and platinum certifications, the captivating aura of the Enigma project ventures far beyond mere statistics. Despite these astounding figures, the project has kept to the shadows, never gracing live stages. Hits like “Sadeness,” “Return to Innocence,” and “Gravity of Love” experienced a rebirth through the live performances of the original Enigma members – Andru Donalds, Angel X, and Fox Lima. This trio, known as the “Original Enigma Voices,” took center stage during a worldwide tour in the spring of 2019, accompanied by both a string orchestra and a dynamic live band. The ensuing two-hour spectacles seamlessly melded classical and contemporary components, presenting an array of beloved Enigma tracks.


The Enigma project, birthed in the 1980s under the creative guidance of German producer Michael Cretu, captivated the collective imagination with its unparalleled and iconic auditory tapestry. A synthesis of musical genres, ranging from Gregorian chants and ethnic psalms to resonant church bells and majestic organs, coalesced into a distinctive, atmospheric, and occasionally psychedelic auditory experience. The project’s astonishing record sales, coupled with its enigmatic figures, have solidified its status as one of the most enthralling and mystifying musical odysseys of the recent decades. Notably, Enigma’s triumphs ignited inspiration among a multitude of artists and producers, including a Gregorian-inspired endeavor that reimagines contemporary pop and rock anthems.

Crafted with meticulous attention, the live showcases encompassed a repertoire of over twenty songs spanning multiple albums. From the inaugural masterpiece “MCMXC A.D,” the timeless voyage of “The Rivers of Belief” traversed through epochs to the final resonant notes of the “Amen” composition, featured within the valedictory opus “The Fall of a Rebel Angel.” Reflecting on these performances, Andru Donalds recounted the miracle of these shows, guiding the audience through an indelible expedition into a mesmerizing realm, characterized by unprecedented harmonies and evocative imagery, unveiling compositions hitherto unheard.


Enigma Live in Dubai – Details

Date and time: 19:30 Friday 03 November

Location: The Agenda

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The Agenda - Coming Soon in UAE
The Agenda - Coming Soon in UAE
The Agenda
The Agenda is a re-magined, re-engineered, and completely reinvented one-stop hub for Dubai’s Entertainment and Exhibition community.
Dubai Dubai Media City

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