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2019 is almost coming to a close but there is still time to make some big financial decisions before the year ends, like buying a pre-owned car.

Though few reports suggest that owning a car may have lost its aspirational value, lots of reports suggest otherwise. Cars are more a necessity than an aspiration nowadays. You may be able to get by in a Taxi to the office and a couple of other places, but let’s face it, owning your own car feels more independent and is far more convenient. The best part is buying a car need not eat away at a huge chunk of your finances. The pre-owned car market is home to a number of barely used cars which you can buy at so much lesser than its original cost. Reliable dealers like Carswitch have instilled plenty of trust in the buyers and made the market attractive. Still not convinced? Here we’re going to break down why buying pre-owned cars like maybe used Nissan cars in Dubai could be your best financial decision yet.


Though a new car may feel like a good buy, it starts depreciating the moment it leaves the dealership. In the first year alone it can lose up to 25% of its value even if it just sits in your garage. And after the first year, it depreciates about 10-15% every year. Nowadays most people sell their cars after using it for two to three years or even less, so you can get a great deal on a gently used car of the model you are looking for at almost half the cost.


Along with the hefty price tag, the purchase of a new car also comes with other expenses like taxes that have to be paid to the government, road tax, state tax, etc. Say you buy a used Ford car in the UAE instead of a new one, other than getting a bargain on a great car; you also save on paying these additional taxes which have been taken care of by the previous owner.

Certified Pre-owned cars

Buying a pre-owned vehicle for the first time can be quite an anxiety-inducing. As a buyer, you will be worried about being sold a vehicle that is not all it’s made out to be. If you are not very confident about making your purchase you should check out certified pre-owned cars that come with a warranty. Nearly every car-maker offers some form of this program and it can put your mind to rest. The point to remember is that manufacturer-certified cars and dealer-certified cars are not the same. Manufacturer-certified cars usually have a higher level of protection. This kind of program could include some type of warranty based on mileage or time and there may be some extras like free roadside assistance etc.
However many dealerships also have certified pre-owned cars which have been certified by a professional mechanic. The price tag on these may be a little higher than the rest of the lot and they may come with a warranty.

More options

Every year the number of cars that goes on sale increases. Though car-makers may discontinue certain models or certain features, you can usually find them in the used car lots. If you are not particular about buying a very new model and are okay with going a few years back, you land up paying a lot less and will get a good quality vehicle.

Data to decide

Another great add on about buying used cars is that you have access to tons of data regarding vehicle reliability. Most car makers redesign their models every few years and this may include a new kind of suspension, transmission or electronic. You can’t really predict how this new model will turn out but you have a lot of data to go about the previous models reliability and problems.

Lower insurance costs

The insurance you’re going to pay is another important factor to consider when you’re trying to decide between a brand new and a pre-used car. Usually the more a car is worth the more the insurance company has to pay if the vehicle is damaged. Say a new car is totalled the same year it was bought; chances are the insurance company will pass on most of the cost to the owner. Wherein, it costs the insurance company much less to replace a used car which is of a quarter the value.

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