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Ramadan Gift Guide: Collection of Simple & Common Gifts for Ramadan

Ramadan Gift Guide: Collection of Simple & Common Gifts for Ramadan - Coming Soon in UAE
1 May 2020

Ramadan is one of the holy months of Islam religion and for Muslims as well, and that is why; Ramadan celebration is considered the most important and crucial element.

This holy month is all about fasting, praying, and giving to one another. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims from all over the world keep fast and part themselves away from indulging in every such activity that can turn out to be an obstacle in connecting people to Allah, which is the most important element to achieve in Ramadan. This holy month is going to start from 23rd of April, that is not too far and everyone must have started preparations for the celebration. And, for this, Ramadan gifts are the most needed ones in this aisle.


Gifts play a very important role in expressing your emotions and feelings to your loved ones and that is why; a perfect gift is needed for this occasion as well. Your loved ones can be anyone like they can be your mother, sister, wife, or your host of the Iftar party. Thanking them with a reward for their sweet gesture can be done perfectly with Ramadan gifts.

But, which gift will be the best one is still a daunting task for many and that is why; a Ramadan gift guide is here to help you all. All the items listed below are the ones that can be considered to send Ramadan gifts to Dubai. So, find the best one from here and make your Ramadan very special:

Islamic Art Paintings

For someone who loves to decorate home with the décor pieces having a reflection of Allah, these Islamic art wall paintings on Ramadan, such as calligraphy, paintings, glasswork, ceramics, wall art, and textiles; will turn out to be the perfect gift ever. Influenced by the culture of various nations and filled with colorful vibes; these paintings will look super amazing.


Islamic Artwork Photo Frame

Searching for a traditional yet simple Ramadan gift? Get the photo frames of the Islamic artworks for your host or your loved ones is the best choice to go with as these frames will always be there on the walls making each day of this holy month more prosperous and filled with positivity. These frames will help everyone fasting to spiritually connect to Allah during Ramadan season.

Ramadan Themed Personalized Coffee Mugs

Personalized gifts are one of the best gifts to consider this Ramadan. Everyone must have many amazing and quirky cups but the one with the blessings of Allah and with prayers printed on it will surely turn out to be the most special gift for sure. So, give your loved ones a personalized Ramadan coffee mug and make their every day happier and filled with the blessings of Allah. This gift can also be considered as Ramadan corporate gifts for office employees.

Ramadan Special Chocolates

Ramadan Special Chocolates

Chocolates are considered as one of the most common gifts for any occasion and Ramadan is the one most perfect for giving sweets to one another. Send your Ramadan and wishes with a chocolate box or hamper and your gift will surely make their day more amazing. You can also consider to send cake to Dubai to your loved ones for Ramadan.


Aromatic Candles

The scented and aromatic candles are not only perfect to fill the homes with a pleasuring and pleasant aroma but will also help in bringing mental peace, happiness, positivity, and calmness in minds. Because of the soothing aroma, they are the best and most sophisticated gifting options for Ramadan ever.

Ramadan Prayer Accessories

Celebrating Ramadan is all about fasting and praying to Allah for the wellbeing, unity, happiness, and prosperity for everyone. In this holy month, a prayer set including a prayer mat, Tasbeeh, Quran, and prayer dress is the best gift for sure. This set is the best one for making the hold month more productive.

Abaya and Hijab

Abaya and Hijab are the ones most useful accessories for making Ramadan more productive. Modest clothing is encouraged in the holy season of Ramadan, and hence, this set of twins will make an excellent gift for your wife, mother, sister, and your hostess of the Iftar party for sure.


Flower Arrangements

For those who have invited to the iftar party, giving flowers will be the best and the simplest gift ever as colorful and aromatic flowers will keep the place calm and positive and filled with happiness, and will surely bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

Traditional Attars

Attars or ittars are considered very pious for the Muslims and the Islamic region as well. These sweet-smelling perfumes are for those do not want to use the chemically prepared perfumes. As these ittars are alcohol-free and are prepared naturally from the flower extracts, they tend to have a very pleasant and soothing aroma that will keep both bodies and mind fresh.

Quran Gift Set

Quran Gift Set

A full set of Quran will turn out to be the perfect gifting option for Ramadan if you are searching for a traditional gifting item. This set can also be customized by including items like Islamic art or uthmani printed Quran with matching Quran bag, prayer dress, a prayer mat, and al tasbeeh as well.

All the gifts listed above are the perfect ones that can be your representatives that can express your love, care, and concern for your loved ones, your Iftaar party host, and your close ones. All these gifts will make your loved ones feel special and loved in this holy month of Ramadan. Now, if you are away from your loved ones and want to do something special for your dear ones on this holy month of Ramadan, then Flowerdeliveryuae.ae is here to help you all in sending gifts online for the occasion of Ramadan. This online store is one of the most recognized and popular gifting stores in the UAE and hence, it is one such store through which you can avail online flower delivery in Dubai very easily. And, not only flowers, but you can also send cakes, personalized gifts, and many more items to your dear ones who are residing in the UAE. So, place your order now and get the best gifts ever!


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