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Dubai Lighthouse, The New Icon On The Way

Dubai Lighthouse, The New Icon On The Way - Coming Soon in UAE
5 April 2022
10 minutes to read

Dubai is well known for its glitz and glam, but it is also famous for its ambitious projects – both completed and proposed. The Dubai Lighthouse, a large skyscraper located in the edge of Dubai Harbour, is definitely one of them.

The Dubai Lighthouse will highlight the newest extension of Dubai Marina developed by Meraas Holding. It will feature a luxury hotel and an observation deck that offers 360 degree views. Its facade will also be used as a gigantic screen for high resolution projections and light shows.
The Dubai Lighthouse
The Dubai Lighthouse is to be located at the tip of the new port, at the end of the long jetty for the cruise ships. It is to be located quite exactly at the level of the “outer ring” of the famous artificial archipelago, the Palm Jumeirah. With its height of 150 meters, the Dubai Lighthouse is to be one of the highest lighthouses in the world. It will play in a league with probably the most famous lighthouse in history – the Pharos of Alexandria, which is estimated to have been between 115 and 160 meters high. Compared to other skyscrapers in Dubai, 150 meters is of course not much, but the lighthouse will be able to shine in a different way – literally!

What Makes Dubai Lighthouse so special?

The Design

The appearance of the Dubai Lighthouse will be incomparable with any other lighthouses across the world. Its smooth, candle flame shape surface will also work as a gigantic screen – with the help of powerful projectors, spectacular and widely visible light shows will play on its outer facade, symbolically lighting up the night.

A Hotel in a Class of Its Own

The Dubai Lighthouse will house an exclusive luxury hotel that will offer the highest standard typical of Dubai. Guests will either look out onto the serene waters of the Arabian Gulf, or down on the vibrant Dubai Marina with countless high-rise towers, huge cruise ships and luxury yachts.


At the Top – The 360° Viewing Platform

Those who dare to go all the way to the top, on a viewing platform at the top of the flame, will be rewarded with a 360-degree view in all directions. The exposed location of the Dubai Lighthouse will more than make up for its supposedly small size. All the sights of the metropolis will be accessible to visitors from above.

The Dubai Lighthouse


When Dubai Lighthouse will be completed?

Although иeing a highly anticipated project, it is yet unknown for sure, when development of The Dubai Lighthouse will be completed. The original plans were interrupted due to COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, but the project is very well alive, and it is expected to become a part of Dubai Skyline very soon!


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