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Anantara (Taryan) Dragon Seseh Bali Resort: Decent Investment Opportunity

Anantara (Taryan) Dragon Seseh Bali Resort: Decent Investment Opportunity - Coming Soon in UAE
14 June 2024
8 minutes to read

Taryan Group, founded by Artur Mkhitaryan, is an investment and development company dedicated to implementing forward-thinking and ambitious projects. Our team consists of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds worldwide. For over 12 years, Taryan Group has been leading the way in innovative projects that are reshaping the real estate market and setting new industry standards. We are committed to creating architectural icons that will stand the test of time and leave a lasting legacy.


One of our latest projects is the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort (Taryan Dragon), the only beachfront investment opportunity in the Canggu area of Bali. This five-star Resort & Residence, managed by Anantara, boasts a unique Cocoon concept for its residences and dragon-shaped architecture, making it a distinctive attraction in Bali.

In May 2024, Minor Hotels, a global hotel owner, and operator, made an exciting announcement regarding the signing of an agreement to manage a new luxury resort and branded residences on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. Scheduled to open its doors in 2027, the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort will be a significant addition to the hospitality scene in Bali, being the third property from the prestigious Anantara Hotels & Resorts chain on the island.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Project

The Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort is strategically located on the captivating black volcanic shores of Seseh Beach, just a short drive away from the bustling south-west coast locations of Canggu and Seminyak. Furthermore, it is conveniently situated an hour’s drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS), making it easily accessible for international travelers. The architectural splendor of the property, envisioned by renowned British architect John Dawes, draws inspiration from the mythical Barong of Bali – a dragon-like guardian – infusing the complex with a unique sense of strength, grace, and a hint of fantasy.


With a total of 216 keys, comprising a variety of rooms and suites ranging from 52sqm to 120sqm, the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort promises its guests a retreat by the ocean. The Cocoon Residences, a part of this development, seamlessly blend the beauty of nature with modern elegance, ensuring a harmonious connection between the interiors and exteriors of the living spaces, while also offering breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset over the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean.

The Taryan Group, a prominent real estate and development company known for its innovative and ambitious projects. Spearheaded by Artur Mkhitaryan, it is the driving force behind the inception and creation of the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort. Additionally, the resort will feature the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Residences, providing interested individuals with the opportunity to invest in this paradise through the Taryan Group, with Anantara overseeing the overall management of the resort.

Why is the object of investment interest?

  • In addition to its stunning beachfront location, guests at the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort can enjoy a wide range of great facilities and amenities throughout their stay.
  • Seseh Beach is perfect for surfing enthusiasts, with excellent wave-catching opportunities available. For those in need of some relaxation and rejuvenation, the Anantara Spa offers a peaceful retreat, while dedicated yoga and meditation studios provide a space for inner harmony.
  • Guests can also stay active at the modern fitness center, take surf lessons at the on-site school, or simply unwind at the beach lounge or one of the three pristine swimming pools.

Investors are drawn to the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort for its luxurious residences. The resort offers a range of suites, each elegantly designed with Balinese-inspired decor. Guests can indulge in private plunge pools, outdoor showers, and spacious living areas. The attention to detail and personalized service set the resort apart as a prestigious destination for discerning travelers. Investing in the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort is not just about financial returns; it is also a unique opportunity to be a part of an award-winning resort chain.

The Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort’s potential for large profits is one of the key factors drawing attention from investors. Due to Bali’s popularity as a travel destination, there is an increasing need for upscale lodging. Purchasing a stake in the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort is a chance to profit from Bali’s expanding tourism sector. The resort’s great occupancy rates and appealing rental returns are a result of its well-established brand and first-rate guest experience.

In conclusion, the upcoming Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort presents a lucrative investment opportunity for those looking to partake in the growth and success of Bali’s thriving hospitality industry.



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