Neuroscience of Self Love – Urban Retreat for women only in Dubai | Coming Soon in UAE
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Neuroscience of Self Love – Urban Retreat for women only

Neuroscience of Self Love – Urban Retreat for women only - Coming Soon in UAE

Eco Yoga Sanctuary welcomes women to visit the Neuroscience of Self Love workshop on November 9.

Autumn is a time for cleansing, reflective contemplation, and for self-love. This retreat will help you refocus your mind and reconnect with your heart to dare to think of yourself first, with no guilt attached. Neuroscience of Self Love is an intimate urban retreat where you will:
– deepen your understanding of the self;
– learn about the neuroscience of self-love in the female brain;
– cultivate your emotional intelligence;
– understand the power of your 3 brains;
– recognize the importance of your own self-acceptance and compassion;
– spring clean your thought patterns; and
– build a sustainable personal strategy to reach inner peace and balance.

In distilling your long-term wellness choices, this deep-dive neuroscience workshop will help you identify and reflect on: external pressures coloring your reality; blindspot areas where you may be subconsciously self-sabotaging; and give yourself permission to feel and love the vessel you live in, holistically.

Organized by: My Secret Retreats
Venue: Eco Yoga Sanctuary (Jumeirah)
Ticket price: from AED 449
Admission: 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM