Cosmetology treatment offer from Katrine Ladies Spa | Coming Soon in UAE

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Cosmetology treatment offer from Katrine Ladies Spa

Cosmetology treatment offer from Katrine Ladies Spa - Coming Soon in UAE

Get 50% off for different cosmetology treatments.

Price starts from AED 150.
Book now: +971 55 270 9322, +971 4 457 0337

Katrine Ladies Spa
JLT, Cluster N, Lake Point Tower (opposite Almaya market)

Dr. Galina.

“I can correct some aesthetic defects and signs of aging. By combination of different techniques you can solve such problems as: decrease in skin tone, the neck, the presence of wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead, eye area, nasolabial folds, the violation pigmentation, rosacea, acne, post acne.
SOLVING THESE PROBLEMS – helps get rid of complexes, self confidence and change your life for the better”.

What is DEESSE mask?

Magical Lightening System I LED FACIAL MASK.
LED Microlight Physiotherapy follows the Photodinamic principle. Through the special LED Biological activiti light. Activate the cell vitality, deeply penetrate the skin, update the basal layer of skin. LED therapeutic system works by shooting a hight density red light, blue light and near-infrared light.
Eton blue light: rapid inhibition of inflamation, repair damaged skin acne, shrinkage of enlarged pores.
630nm red light: Has the characteristics of high purity, uniform energy. Skin care, heals care effect is called Biological activity light.
irons near-infrared light: Promotes The growth of collagen, improved cell activity, relieve FACIAL nerve weakness and fatigue.
The effect of improved cell activity, to eliminate harmful bacteria,promote blood circulation. So as to achieve anti-ageing,acne, whitening effect, atc.

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