Women-only Parking Spots in Abu Dhabi | Coming Soon in UAE

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Women drivers in the capital can now look to park in one of the 182 pink-and-white parking bays in the capital, which have been designated specially for them.

The so-called ‘Pink Parking Bays’ were announced by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT), which said male drivers will be fined if caught parking their cars in a women-only spot. It said 182 parking bays had been allocated for ladies in multi-storey buildings so far.

The women-only parking spaces have pink-and-white markings on the pavement for easy recognition near the multi-storey structures. For regular parking, the signage is in blue-and-white and blue-and-black markings in the capital.

Painted pink, the ‘ladies only’ bays aim to help to maintain women’s privacy and assist in their search for parking.

Mawaqif inspectors will be responsible for ensuring that vehicles are parked legally in the spots.

Men who violate this regulation will be fined for illegal parking and the vehicle will be towed.

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